Bouncing Balls and a Break in the Rain

Technically we’re still under a flood warning through Tuesday. However, it’s not raining so far today. That may give me just enough time to get the small fridge I’ve been trying to get. One good thing about having a pickup is that you can pick up things. One bad thing about having that pickup in the northwest in fall/winter is that it rains (a lot) and picking up things without getting them wet is very difficult.

Picking up balls is somewhat of a specialty of mine–Lion’s balls, that is. I tied them up pretty well last night. It’s been a few days since I promised to do it and I was glad to see Lion was amicable. His tummy had bothered him earlier in the day, but he was ready, willing and able to get aroused by evening. I’m sure having his balls tied helped his erection along. I was able to edge him by hand. I haven’t done that in a long time. I usually run out of steam and my shoulders hurt so I have to switch to my mouth. Last night I played through the pain. It was just a matter of changing positions a few times.

It was nice to see Lion’s face while I was jerking him off. It’s been a long time since my hand has worked for edging him. I think he just likes my mouth better than my hand. I told him that if he can get another wonderful erection tonight, he might just have the Lion ride he’s been waiting for. His balls won’t be tied. That would be too much pressure on them. Of course, I won’t see Lion’s face when I ride him. We do reverse cowgirl because it’s more conducive to an orgasm for him. I see his feet. Obviously, they aren’t as cute as his face. However, they are pretty expressive. His toes start to curl when he’s close. If all goes well, he’ll have a toe-curling orgasm tonight.