It’s All In The Grip

This is how I jerked off before Mrs. Lion forbade it. Note the hand position. My first finger always stimulated under the head on each stroke.

I think I know why Mrs. Lion has had bad luck with masturbating me. Since January 2020, she has been unable to get me to the edge of orgasm with her hands. Part of it was due to how she aroused me 99.9% of the time for years. We both assumed I had become insensitive to her hand. On Friday, that seemed to change. She got me fully aroused and eventually brought me right to the edge just using her hands.

Part of her success could be the novelty of a handjob after almost a year of oral teasing and release. I don’t think that is the main reason. Something was different on Friday night. When she started, the feelings were intensely exciting. As time went on, I could feel my interest wane. That’s when I noticed that she had changed her hand position. Jerking me off hurts her shoulders. She seems to be more comfortable with her full hand on my shaft.

When she uses that position, her hand is lower and not reaching the area just under the head where I am most sensitive. On Friday, I asked her to move her hand up my shaft. As soon as she did, things got a lot more arousing, and I reached the edge. Apparently, what feels best to her doesn’t feel as good to me. I’m not sure when she began having shoulder pain, but I’ll bet it was at the same time I couldn’t get very far when she jerked me off. At about the same time, she had some difficulty getting me hard. That’s when she wiggled her hand on my flaccid penis. Eventually, it would get me semi-hard. When we discussed it, she resisted the idea that I needed a more classic “jerk off” motion to get hard. However, when she tried it, I got hard quickly.

I think there are two issues. The first is that it takes a certain amount of time to go from “interested” to the edge. That amount of time has increased over the years. I did a little bit of research on the web. I checked out (no, I didn’t watch them all the way through) handjob porn. It took those actors at least eight minutes to finish. This is in the same neighborhood as me. About 15 years ago, I put my video camera on a tripod and recorded myself masturbating. I was curious, and the video was most uninteresting. However, it took me nearly 15 minutes to ejaculate.

It’s difficult for Mrs. Lion to jerk me off that long without changing hands and position. The least uncomfortable for her is the least exciting for me. At one time, she had a firm grip on what I liked. The last time I masturbated was in January 2014 when she asked me to show her how I did it. She copied that hand position with consistent results. I don’t think either of us was consciously aware of just how important that knowledge was. It’s my theory that when her shoulder started bothering her, she changed her grip. Friday night, for the first time since then, she went back to what works for me. Wow!