Hairy Balls

hairy ballsI’m locked up again in the locking cock ring (See image below left). Mrs. Lion decided that I’m not yet ready for a full-on chastity device. Of course, I’m well-trained and won’t masturbate even though the locking cock ring gives me full access to my penis.

Mrs. Lion has returned to work full-time. That means I’m alone at home from 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM. That’s not a problem since I can negotiate my way around the house as needed.

I’ve been thinking about adjectives. Since I’ve had a lot of time to surf the web, I’ve noticed that certain adjectives can carry a strong negative meaning. For example: consider the noun “balls”. When a woman writer refer to balls, if she isn’t fond of them she will often refer to them as “hairy”. I’ve never seen a positive reference to hair-covered balls.

It appears that most women are either neutral or don’t like men’s balls. Even women who clearly enjoy penis, either don’t refer to or negatively address the boys. I rarely see reference to hairless or shaved balls. This is a little surprising since a fairly large number of men leave their pubic hair intact but diligently keep their balls hairless.

Even popular TV shows like “Mom” refer to hairy balls in a negative way. I don’t get it. At worst they are harmlessly hanging near the sexual playground. At best, they can participate in both pleasure and pain.

It Keeps the boys front and center
Part of the reason this came to mind is that when wearing a chastity device, or in my case, the locking cock ring, the balls are kept front and center. The base ring, because it circles both cock and balls, doesn’t let the balls pull back close to the body.

hairless balls trapped front-and-center by a cock ring
The locking cock ring, like any other cock ring, keeps the balls front and center. Some women find balls much more appealing when hairless, like mine. Note that my balls are pulled tight, yet the cock ring won’t let them retreat close to my body.
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When circled by a cock ring, they are very accessible as well. It’s very easy to grab them both and then play with them. Without the cock ring, they tend to be close to the body and pretty hard to get a grip on.

Mrs. Lion appears to be quite fond of my balls. She enjoys grabbing them, swatting them, applying clothespins to them, and covering them with menthol rubs. She definitely considers them a toy for her entertainment. Interestingly, when she washes me in the shower, she does a quick rub of the balls, lets go and then vigorously cleans my penis. Part of the reason is that she holds the soap in one hand and only has the other available for scrubbing. I’d be happy to hold the soap to free up her hand.

Note to self: Buy another soap dish to put near Mrs. Lion.

Try a cock ring first
It occurs to me that a nice starting place for couples who might want to try enforced male chastity, could be a simple cock ring. Aside from the obvious value of helping to determine the correct size for a chastity device base ring, wearing one will also change the look of the cock and balls, and make the balls much more accessible for activity.

Some guys are partly responsible for the lack of attention their balls get. Some are very sensitive about being touched there. This probably goes back to childhood fears about being hit in the balls. Wearing a cock ring and asking his partner to pet and tickle his balls, will help reverse that aversion.

I love my balls tickled and petted. Given the right circumstances, petting my balls can put me to sleep. If petted at the same time I’m being masturbated, my excitement is magnified. Mrs. Lion will sometimes tie my balls in such a way that they are stretched out. Then, when she vigorously jerks me off, my balls bounce up and down making very pleasant contact with the bed.

I don’t know why many women seem to dislike balls. Perhaps we can learn from some of our female readers what it is that turns them off. I suspect, based on the “hairy” adjective that they may dislike the way hairy balls look and feel. If that’s the case, it’s a trivial effort to remove the offending fur.

In my case, I haven’t had any hair between my waist and upper thighs for decades. My balls are smooth and clean. I’ve long believed that male pubic hair is highly overrated. In the case of a man wearing a chastity device, pubic hair is a source of pain and annoyance. It’s much easier to stay comfortable and clean without any hair down there.

Please touch
Maybe it’s time to encourage women to get in touch with our balls. They are, after all, a significantly erotic area on the male body. Once a male chastity device is locked on, it’s the only pubic erotic area easily accessible. Since most men can’t reach ejaculation simply from ball stimulation, it’s an excellent teasing opportunity with no risk of an accidental orgasm.

I think that guys in general need help to experience erotic stimulation outside of the penis. The first step, it seems to me, would be teaching them to enjoy ball petting. The male anus is another area rich with nerves capable of providing erotic pleasure. Like the balls, there are a lot of negative feelings attached to stimulation there.

Because the penis is locked away, there are opportunities to explore these other erotic areas. Doing that is part of the fun a keyholder can have. Imagine that the penis is completely out of the picture, which it is when locked away. The male has no choice other than to experience what pleasure he can when his balls or anus are stimulated.


  1. Once again, I totally agree with you. For one thing I do keep my balls hairless at all times, including the shaft of my penis.
    I have gotten over the fear of having my balls hurt or hit and encourage my wife to tie them up tite, squeeze them and stretch them out.
    Along with being an alternative area for play when the cock is locked in a cage, I think of the balls and anus as the future of sex play when I can’t get erect anymore and my penis becomes relatively obsolete.
    That also plays into my interests in feminization and ignoring the penis in favor of the “boy pussy” anus.

    1. Author

      My hairlessness extends over considerably more real estate. I don’t share your interest in minimizing the penis or feminization. But I definitely agree that there is no advantage in male pubic hair.

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