The Cyclone

cyclone coney island
The best roller coaster anywhere: Coney Island’s Cyclone. This picture is from 1940. Click to enlarge.

Friday night was an edging session to remember. Mrs. Lion combined intense hand job action with serious ball slapping. I went from being ready to ejaculate to wincing in pain; all in a matter of seconds. I was convinced that an orgasm was coming. It wasn’t.  I wasn’t disappointed. Maybe I’m growing up. It isn’t whether I come or not. It’s how I like the ride.

Rationally, if I ejaculate, I will be back to my old horny self in a day or two. But right now, my sense of all this is more like going on a roller coaster. I ejaculate and the ride is over. I get on line to ride again. A couple of days waiting on line and I ride again. It can be a short ride or a long ride. I can feel like I am going to fly out of the car at times. It’s always thrilling. The last hill is always the most exciting. And then we are back at the station.

I think that sex for everyone is like this. But people who don’t practice enforced male chastity are on a different ride. They may have a shorter wait, but once on the ride, it ends quickly. As soon as they recover, they ride again. Some do it with partners. Others with their own hands. They don’t go as high, but they go more often.

There are two variables: One, of course, is time. Length of wait between ejaculations is the measure. But that isn’t enough. Simply waiting between ejaculations does increase sensation when one finally comes, but it is nothing like the ride I’m on. The second factor is more complex. It’s those hills that don’t quite get you over the top. In my case, it’s the constant, almost-daily edging. I’m always less than 24 hours from being reminded what an orgasm is like. That truly intensifies my desire for sex.

My mind and body go through everything that happens when I ejaculate; well almost everything. The stimulation stops just before I can finish. My mind and body never get a chance to “forget” what I am missing. Mrs. Lion keeps me in nearly-constant heat. I don’t know if that changes the way I relate to her and other people. But inside, sex is always just below the surface. I’m ready.

I have come to like being in heat. I like it a lot. But, like any roller coaster, this one has to come to an end. It’s a joyful, convulsive end, but it stops. I get off, both literally and figuratively. That’s ok. I get right back in line for another ride.

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    I hope Mrs Lion has got you well strapped in on this rollercoaster ??

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