Mrs. Lion’s most effective spanking to date.
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Mrs. Lion spanked me on Thursday night. She planned on doing it in advance “just because,” but as it turned out, I interrupted her earlier in the evening. She brought out the spanking bench, and I obediently mounted it. Before she began, she told me that she was spanking me because I had interrupted her. I remember when I did it. I wondered if she noticed. Yes, she did.

I have no idea what paddles she used. The spanking was painful as usual. Afterward, my bottom felt like leather and stung. I woke up at 5:30 AM to pee. My bottom hurt and itched. When I tried to go back to sleep, the discomfort kept me up for a while. This is a first. I’ve never experienced anything like it before. I have sore spots I can feel as I sit at my desk.

This is exactly as I imagined a thorough spanking should feel. While Mrs. Lion was spanking me, the lower area of my butt got a little numb. I still felt everything, but the sting was muted. I wonder if this was a good thing. Maybe it signaled that her spanking was more effective. I think that is probably the case. If you look at the image, there is less blistering. All of the “damage” is on the sit spot. However, I’m red almost to the top of my crack. She spent a little time inside the cleft. You can see the results easily by the much redder area going deep into my crack.

I don’t usually write about the details of a spanking. I am this time because it was truly different and much more effective. For the first time, I hated every second when she worked inside my crack. It hurt in the past, but this time she persisted until I yelped loudly for a long time. When the timer went off at ten minutes, Mrs. Lion was not done. It felt like a signal to swat much harder. It went on and on.

The only suggestion I have is for Mrs. Lion to talk more about the reason for my spanking. I think the focus would be good for both of us. It might also help if, in the end, she asks me if I learned a lesson. If she doesn’t feel I am sincere enough, she can paddle a while longer. It’s very humiliating to have to discuss the offense and promise to be good. Just saying…

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  1. It sounds like a good spanking; congratulations. It was also kinda hot to read about the details; thanks.

  2. Is there any reaction from you that tells her she needs to stop? Any amount of “yelping,” pleading, difficulty breathing, anything? Or does she just stop when she feels like it no matter how you react. From the looks of that picture, it was brutal.

    1. Author

      She is aware of how I am doing. I wouldn’t agree that it was brutal, just painful.

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