You Didn’t Tie Me Up

We hadn’t played in a few days. We were tired. We were watching our football team lose. Last night I moved over to snuggle. Lion pulled the covers back so I could get to my weenie more easily. He was making happy Lion noises and getting hard when I asked if he wanted to be sucked. There have been very few times he’s refused that offer.

He was very excited, but I still had to get him hard again. It didn’t take long. Soon he was on his way to making happy Lion noises again. Unfortunately, I misjudged those sounds and gave him a ruined orgasm. I may have salvaged part of it. I got the cream filling, but I don’t think it was as enjoyable for him as it could have been. It certainly wasn’t as nice as if I had edged him a few times and gotten him in a frenzy. Still, it was an orgasm.

I wasn’t going to let him come until tonight, at the very earliest. I wanted him a little more frustrated. I also wanted to tie him to the bed sometime today, to turn him on even more. Plus, I still owed him from Tiesday. And we still haven’t used the restraints I bought.

I guess it shouldn’t have come as such a surprise when he said, “I guess I don’t get tied up.” before we were even settled in after his orgasm. But it did. To me, he was saying the only thing that mattered was that I hadn’t tied him up. I mean, I was disappointed, too. I’d just ruined an orgasm. I hate that. Perhaps I should have said, “I think what you mean is, ‘Thanks for the orgasm.'” Instead, I told him I could tie him up today. I didn’t say that was my original plan. I didn’t say the first thing that popped into my mind was that he had ruined the orgasm. I know he has no control over it, but I got almost no warning this time that I was getting him anywhere near the edge, let alone over it. I didn’t say that because I didn’t want him to feel bad.

I’m sitting here wondering if that’s a punishable offense, and I remembered he thinks anything is a punishable offense. So punish, I will. Last night he said he still has some sore spots. I think he’ll have a few more tonight.

[Lion — We have a fairly long history of promised activities that somehow don’t manage to happen. Not using the new restraints is a good example. I should probably know better than to get too excited about something until it actually happens. But, like Charlie Brown and the football, somehow I can’t help myself.

I know that Mrs. Lion didn’t intend to ruin the orgasm. She never deliberately fails to follow through on a promise. Last night when she promised to tie me up tonight, I was disappointed. I believe she intends to, but the day after an orgasm isn’t going to be sexually charged the way it would have been 16 days after one. This isn’t her fault. I didn’t send the right signals last night. If I say that I don’t want to be tied up tonight, will that mean next time I’m turned on, and it’s a promised opportunity for being tied to the bed, will I hear, “You didn’t want it last time?”

I was very disappointed last night. I didn’t expect Mrs. Lion to tie me down. I didn’t expect to come. It’s not her fault that I did. Orgasms can sneak up on me. I didn’t think it was fair to promise it again for tonight, the one night I don’t really care if she does or not. It isn’t so much that I have an accidental orgasm. It’s the promise to do it the one time I’m least likely to have fun.]

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