I Was Spanked For Interrupting

Hanson Ferrule paddle

Wednesday night, before dinner, I interrupted Mrs. Lion. She was in the middle of a thought and just emitted a low growl and then went on with what she was saying. When she was done speaking, I asked her why she growled at me. She said that I interrupted her not once, but twice. This was followed by silence so I asked her if that meant I was going to be spanked. She said yes. I then asked why she didn’t tell me. She said that she was busy talking about something else.

Okay, I get it. That makes sense. In terms of educating me, I think it would be more helpful if I got a quick bulletin at the time of my offense. I’m really not sure exactly when I interrupted her.

You may recall that in my post yesterday I mentioned that Mrs. Lion growled at me for interrupting her. At the time, she didn’t feel that she wanted to spank me. I figured that she would do more than growl pretty soon. I was right. After her shower, she got the ferrule paddle and told me to get into position. I asked her if this was going to be more than a five minute spanking. She said no, five minutes was enough.

It was. We have very different perspectives on that particular spanking. Mrs. Lion felt that she gave me fewer swats because she was watching the clock. I think she had the feeling the need to time my punishment is a distraction. When she mentioned that, I suggested she use our smart speaker to set a timer that would beep at her after five minutes. She didn’t think that would help. She said she was also trying to be careful about avoiding bleeding. Even though I am moisturizing every night, she can still draw blood with this paddle.

I noticed that she was applying attention to some new areas. She was spreading my lower cheeks and applying a very firm swats to the inside of my crack. In the past when she did this, it wasn’t too painful. This time, it hurt a lot. Part of the reason may be that she worked lower on my rear end. She was spreading down by the very beginning of my vertical smile. In any case, it was very effective.

I was making a lot of noise during the spanking. Some of the sounds approached sobbing, I think. I wasn’t trying to sob or scream, I was just reacting to what Mrs. Lion was doing to me. I like to be analytical about things. I suggested the five-minute spanking concept. I read about it on a domestic discipline blog. I think it was a bad suggestion. Mrs. Lion is perfectly capable of determining how long my punishment needs to be.

It seems to me that Mrs. Lion has caught some of my analytical nature. She shared with me that she was approaching what she did with specific objectives in mind. Spanking is not an expression of anger for Mrs. Lion. It’s part of the disciplinary process we’ve agreed on. She’s focusing on covering as much real estate as she can. She has a tendency to spank the outer areas of my bottom. The area near my crack is usually relatively untouched.

She took a picture after my spanking. We looked at it together. She believes the reason there are more marks on the outside of my butt is due to the fact that the edge of the paddle, not the face, makes the marks. When she hits near the center, a great deal of the force appears to be applied to the outer edges. I am publishing the picture so that you can see what I mean.

lion's butt after 55 min spanking
My rear end after Wednesday night’s
spanking. This gives you an idea of
how Mrs. Lion and I analyzed the outcome.
(Click here to view larger)

Even though this was very intense and painful, I wasn’t sore at all on Thursday. That’s the second objective Mrs. Lion is working on. She wants me to feel it when I sit the next day and maybe the day after that.

It may seem odd that we discuss my punishment in objective terms. I don’t believe this will continue too much longer. Right now, Mrs. Lion wants my feedback and input to help her perfect her spanking style. One of the positive benefits she gets out of spanking me is a sense of a job well done. Since she isn’t willing to be an emotional spanker (I don’t think it would hurt her to try that once in a while), she wants to be the most effective, thinking spanker she can be.

She considers a spanking effective if she marks me evenly with some bruising and it hurts me to sit for at least a day later. I think there is a second component that she hasn’t been very willing to consider: the effectiveness in modifying my behavior. This is trickier. It’s very difficult to objectively correlate my subsequent behavior with the actual punishment. I think she may be correct in that she doesn’t really need to do very much about this. If every time I do something I shouldn’t, I receive an effective, lioness spanking, I’m going to be getting more punishment because I keep repeating my sin. Consistent observation and punishment probably obviate the need for worrying about severity.

I’m learning that the best thing I can do is stop offering creative suggestions on how to punish me. Mrs. Lion will figure that out for herself. In fact, when we exchanged emails yesterday and I mentioned that I wasn’t feeling any aftereffects from her spanking, she wrote that it meant I needed more maintenance spanking’s to help her figure out what to do.

I always thought about maintenance spankings as something I needed to maintain my stability and feel my position. I now realize that Mrs. Lion needs them to perfect her technique. I think we both believed that once she got over her reluctance to swing hard, there wasn’t much else to be concerned about. Actually, once she learned to be objective about punishing me (not worry about how I felt about it), she would then open up a new world of developing her own punishment technique.

Traditional spankings provided by mothers to naughty children evolved as the mommies got more experience disciplining their errant offspring. I’m pretty sure they thought about what techniques work best for them. Many had the opportunity of first-hand experience being spanked by their parents.

Without the benefit of that, Mrs. Lion needs to take a much more objective approach to spank me. I suppose she could evolve her technique using opportunities I create by being naughty. I get the feeling that doesn’t work for her. She wants to develop her technique so that when I do need punishment, it will be the most effective she can render.

You may recall that last year Mrs. Lion decided to do some “experiments” in spanking. These were near-daily spankings she administered in an attempt to perfect the intensity and technique of her punishments. It turned out that her experiments were substantially more severe than my actual punishments. This is still the case. Her experiments were 300 swats in duration. She wanted them to be equal so that she could gauge which paddles and which techniques were most effective. She was also figuring out how intense she could be before I try to escape.

At the same time, I was learning to stay in position for more severe paddling. We were both learning. After she decided to stop experimenting, her punishment spankings were rarely 300 swats and almost never as intense. Her experiments were designed not only to teach her but to push me to the edge as well. I don’t think she considers that when she punishes me.

It may be that her new round of maintenance spankings will allow her to synchronize the results of her experiments with the techniques she’s developed for punishing me. I’m also pretty sure that I will earn more punishments now that she is becoming comfortable correcting me for interrupting her, etc. Stay tuned.


  1. This post is fascinating. I have never seen someone so dispassionately, neutrally, and objectively study their own beating. It is the most poignant illustration of someone engineering their own demise that I have ever seen. It is like watching a condemned man help the hangman with his knot tying.

    Your description of childhood spanking was interesting. My experiences with adult spanking have strengthened my belief in how horrible spanking children is. In the adult world, I often see some effort to calibrate severity or avoid going “too far” which, in my experience, parents never do. Parental spankings are often very out of control with intense and prolonged screaming, hyperventilating, crying, and begging and little or no notion of the child’s limits or pain tolerance. Although it has not always been the case for me, adults seem to make some effort to regulate the level of physical or emotional trauma when spanking other adults.

    This was the first time I recall seeing you refer to sobbing. It will be interesting to see how things go for you if and when you are openly or uncontrollably sobbing. It seems like it would have happened already, but you kind of created an escape hatch for yourself by, as you put it, “trying to escape” when it becomes unbearable.

    I wonder whether you will get to that absolutely out of control and panic-filled feeling where you just keep asking yourself how you will get through it over and over. Have you?

    I would imagine your friend Julie would recommend that you be restrained so you could not just end it when it becomes overwhelming and unbearable. In the post you like so much about “beating your man properly,” she mocked commenters who said they would be unable to “take it,” by telling them they would be restrained, so they would have no choice but to take it.

    1. Author

      Most of my analysis is after-the-fact. I offer no encouragement while I’m being spanked. It’s all I can do to hang in there. Mrs. Lion doesn’t like restraining me. Even if she did, the spanking still is not inescapable. I have my safeword and I know I can use it. There is a certain sort of BDSM poetry when restrained during a session. It amplifies the sense of helplessness. Even disciplinary spankings like mine, remain within safety and my own personal limits. After Mrs. Lion’s short warm-up, I ask myself if I can make it to the end. It’s been a long time since I’ve had to try rolling away. I’ve gotten close but somehow managed to stay in place. I don’t think I’ve ever been completely out-of-control or panicked during the spanking. If it hasn’t happened by now, it’s probably never going to happen.

      I can see that sobbing, possibly even tears might eventually appear. I think that they are artifacts more of my emotional state than the severity of the beating. The reason I am so analytical is that I recognize that spanking is a cooperative process. Yes, it’s imposed on me as a way to punish me for infractions. I’m receiving it because I had at one point asked for it. I want the disciplinary relationship. I feel it’s good for me and good for our marriage. I’m not a victim. I’m a participant. In that sense, I have an obligation to help Mrs. Lion become more effective as my disciplinarian. When you pay a pro to spank you, I’m pretty sure you want value for the money. I’m also pretty sure she asks you lots of questions to try to understand what works for you. In our disciplinary context, it isn’t very different. Mrs. Lion has learned how to effectively spank me. It’s true that the better she gets at it the more unhappy it makes me. That’s the result we both want.

      1. Yes and No re: the pros. They have asked what I “liked” in the context of role playing, so my contribution was not geared towards increasing my suffering, but rather, my excitement. When I did a real punishment with one. we had none of that type of interaction, and it was not at all cooperative. It was adversarial.

        One pro did not do role plays, and the intent of the spanking was not well defined. She asked nothing, and she also did not allow safewords. The first time I could barely endure it and involuntarily dissociated (according to her). Had I not done that, I wonder if I would have had to resist physically in view of the safeword refusal. I liked her personally, but I found the safeword refusal to be reckless and arrogant. I saw her a couple more times and she learned to dial it back some to make it more tolerable.

        You mentioned your “limits”. What are they? How do you define them? One thing that worries me sometimes is that the burden is on me to identify and articulate all my limits up front. The problem is that, in my experience, you often only learn about your limits when someone violates them. The first time I got hit with a cane, I realized that was a limit.

        Once I brainstormed on all the things I thought could happen and gave the pro a list of 15 or 20 different things (no blood, no causing prolonged breathing difficulty, no canes, no landing blows on my legs or back, no making me orgasm first, etc.), but it was challenging to anticipate everything she might try to do to me.

  2. If Mrs. Lion is looking for longer-lasting results, perhaps you might try some more “thuddy” implements. They still hurt at the time, although not as intensely, but the deeper bruising can stick around for a few days.

    I have a “tire thumper” I picked up at a truck stop, which resembles a short baseball bat, and it always raises a few eyebrows when I use it on my wife at parties. She loves it, though, precisely because it does give that long-lasting effect she can notice days later.

    1. Author

      Mrs. Lion used the very thuddy rubber paddle last night. I do have a bruise that I feel just a little. 🙂

  3. Neither of you has a phone with a fount down timer?.my wife used two of them when giving me a maintenance spanking, two minutes on, 30 second break, 12 implements.

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