Tuesday’s Punishment Spanking

Tuesday night, Mrs. Lion got out the spanking bench. I had been snoozing after dinner. Neither of us is getting enough sleep. I was not in the mood for being strapped down and spanked. I wasn’t asked if I was. Once the spanking bench comes out, there is no chance I can escape.

She has changed her technique. I am not sure which paddles she used, but I assume they all had large faces. I was very unhappy with my spanking. It hurt a lot once Mrs. Lion got started. She did a nice warmup, which I sincerely appreciated. Then she got started. All I can say is that it hurt from start to finish. I wanted to escape. She spent a lot of time with her small blue paddle. She spread my cheeks and spanked all the way to my tender anus.

You don’t know what pain is until your perineum is spanked with a heavy rubber paddle. The entire inside-crack area is much more sensitive than the rest of my bottom. The only thing worse is having the head of my penis spanked. That isn’t a bit sexy. When she finished, Mrs. Lion took a picture. I have never been redder. She covered a lot more territory too.

The only blistering was around my crack. Her blue paddle didn’t cause this. When she hits me across my crack with the large round paddle, it concentrates its force on the highest area, which is the area around my crack.

I didn’t feel the spanking on Wednesday morning. Her technique on Tuesday night was perfect for making me very unhappy with the spanking. It didn’t do the deeper damage needed for next-day pain. I’m not surprised. In my experience on the other side of the paddle, I remember that the nastiest sting came from the larger paddles. The small-faced monsters created long-lasting reminders.

Here comes the part that I will regret writing. Based on my experience as the spanked husband, it looks like there are three phases to a very effective lion spanking. Mrs. Lion has mastered all of them. One phase creates widespread red. It stings and makes me totally unhappy. The next is the “inside” work. I can’t describe how much I dislike the tender inside of my crack and perineum being spanked. The third phase hurts less than the other two but creates two-to-three-day pain. That’s when Mrs. Lion uses the spanking spoon on my sit spot. The third phase doesn’t take very long to do the job. Mrs. Lion knows exactly how hard and long to apply the spanking spoon.

In terms of timing, I think that the first ten (or fifteen if earned) minutes can be spent with the first two phases. After the timer goes off, it makes sense to bring out the spanking spoon for the coup de gras. All in all, Mrs. Lion has truly mastered adult spanking. As the adult being spanked, I can say that I truly hate how good she is at it. I was tempted to avoid reviewing this last spanking. I am only making things worse for myself. Stupid lion!

Mrs. Lion is naturally kind. Her kindness improves her effectiveness as a disciplining wife. Gloria Brame is a well-known BDSM author. She writes about all manner of useful topics. Her post on dominants being kind fits domestic discipline as well as BDSM. I love her writing. This post is very relevant to disciplinary wives.