Large, zebra wood paddle.

Mrs. Lion gave me a “just because” spanking on Monday night. She set the timer for ten minutes. We talked about her using the large, round paddle for the entire spanking. She did. This paddle is large enough to cover almost my entire butt in one swat. Naturally, Mrs. Lion took advantage of this and centered the blows. They hurt!

As you can see in the image, the result was a good, even pink over my cheeks. The area near my crack received considerably more punishment. I even bled a bit just inside the crack. I could feel the effects of that spanking for hours after Mrs. Lion was done. What about the extra damage in the crack area? Mrs. Lion took the picture so I could see.

Result of Monday night spanking with the large, zebra wood paddle.

The answer was obvious when we thought about it. If she spanks me with the paddle centered on my crack, the area receiving the swat first will be my crack. Since my bottom isn’t flat, most of the force will be expended on the center of my bottom. Mrs. Lion thought that centering the paddle would deliver equal force to my poor rear. Now she knows it won’t.

Spanking spoon.

That means to deliver equal punishment to my entire rear, the blows have to be aimed so that the center of the paddle strikes the area she wants to punish. It may well be that the large, wood paddle is too big to give her the control she needs. Mrs. Lion also has a thick leather paddle with a smaller face. It may turn out to be best for general spanking.

You may wonder why she and I spend time discussing this. Mrs. Lion knows that her spanking spoon delivers the most painful, long-lasting spanking. Why not stick to that? There are two reasons: I tend to bleed quite a bit when she uses the spanking spoon, and she can’t create an even shade of red across my entire bottom. Mrs. Lion likes the idea of making me a nice, dark red with just a few bruises here and there. Aside from punishing me, she considers spanking me a skill she is developing.

I understand. She can reach those objectives. Part of the solution is the right selection of tools. The spanking spoon and other small-faced paddles will develop bruising and bleeding. Larger-faced tools will create wider areas of red. I ordered the big, round paddle. I had no idea that it would need to alternate between cheeks. Now Mrs. Lion knows.

It seems that to achieve the unpleasant (for me) result she desires, she will need to use a combination of tools. The round wood paddle or the leather paddle will give her the red she wants and the sting I hate. Her small, blue paddle will hurt inside my crack. I really hate that. The spanking spoon will deliver the coup de grace bruises at the end.

For the record, Mrs. Lion makes her point every time she spanks me. This discussion is about pro-level technique refinement. My spanking on Monday was a “just because” edition. I know she wrote that I was to be punished for being annoying in the car, but she never mentioned it. Is she planning a separate punishment for that? I don’t know.

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