My Next Goal

Lion was not amused when I brought out the spanking bench last night. Of course, he’s not supposed to be. He’s supposed to get into position and take his punishment, which he did. The dog seemed less freaked out by the whole procedure. I’m glad. It’s not like we were going to stop punishments because she doesn’t like it. They are necessary.

Since Monday morning, when Lion whined about the dog not paying attention to him, she visits him in his office and follows him when she hears him heading to other parts of the house. They’ve sat outside together. I figured it was just a matter of time before she did that. Now I wonder what will happen next Monday after I’ve been home two days straight. Will she ignore him on Monday morning? If she does, he shouldn’t get too bent out of shape. Otherwise, he’ll have another punishment coming.

I believe this is one of the first times I’ve punished him for annoying me. It just pissed me off that he kept calling her “your dog” and going on and on about the dog not paying any attention to him, and she was a waste of money. I would have been more worried if he hadn’t done the same thing with Daisy. I was home full time when we got her, and we’d run around and play so much that Daisy was passed out by the time Lion got home from work. He wanted to return her because she didn’t greet him or pay any attention to him. I told him to wait until the weekend so he could be home and play with her. Lo and behold, Daisy paid attention to him. You’d think he’d have that in the back of his mind when Willow did a similar thing. Nope. He went straight to the pity party. Poor Lion. I’m hoping last night’s spanking cured him.

He’s been yelping a lot more lately. It’s not like I’m hitting any harder. And he’s had spankings fairly regularly over the past few weeks. Are they not toughening his hide as I hoped? I’m not expecting him to stop yelping. I think he shouldn’t be yelping as much as he is. I’ve been building him up to the harder swats as usual. Last night I did do more in his crack. And I probably hit a little harder in there. I think it was similar to all the other spankings, except for the last two because we were trying to get the dog used to things.

Lion’s very rosy butt from last night’s spanking.

I’m sure Lion doesn’t agree about the severity of the spanking. He probably thinks I was super mean. I hit harder than ever, and his buns were on fire. Good. He’s not supposed to like it. I think we can agree that I’ve been getting better at giving him an overall rosy butt. Since I’ve been concentrating on that aspect, he hasn’t bled very much. Of course, he doesn’t feel it as much the next day.

My next goal is to have the best of both worlds. He should wind up with an evenly rosy butt with sore patches that make it difficult to sit the next day.

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  1. After so many punishments received, the lion should have a stone butt.

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