Rev the Engine

Wishful thinking, but I thought it was Friday. I’m so tired. I want to say I’ll be able to rest this weekend, but it looks like I’ll be doing more fencing. The Houdini dog climbed through the lilac bush and got out yesterday. It’s not like it’s a waste. She needs more room to run. I have to figure out exactly how to do an effective fence that doesn’t cost too much.

Even with all the reconfiguring of the current fence and assorted other chores, I still had the energy to play with Lion. We didn’t get very far, but I tried. He says he’s stuck. I’m using all the tricks I know to help. Good thing I’m persistent. I may have to give up each night, but I come back for more the next night or a few nights later. Eventually, I will prevail. Lion will have an orgasm, and we will continue as before.

Sometimes Lion sabotages himself by worrying about things he can’t necessarily control. He worries about his job. He worries that I’ll get tired of him. He worries that he’s selfish. Now I’m sure he’s worried about the puppy. She is a handful. I’m not sure if he’s worrying now. I mean, I know he’s worrying. I don’t know if that’s what’s keeping him from getting to the edge and beyond.

Regardless of the reason, I’ll continue to give him every opportunity to get to the edge. Whether I let him have an orgasm or not is another matter. We can’t cross the finish line if we can’t get the car started.

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  1. The process is more important than the result.
    The process is life. The result is death.

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