Bleeding Heart

This paddle is surprisingly painful.

Mrs. Lion kept her promise to spank me on Thursday night. She is good that way (humph!). She used a variety of paddles. As agreed, she started with the heavy slapper (see her post from yesterday). It’s big and heavy with five layers of thick leather. She had some difficulty using it. It will take practice to whomp with it. It is extremely thuddy. It almost feels good.

She also used the heart-shaped paddle. That stings like hell. I hate it. Then she gave a couple of swats with the paddle guaranteed to cut me. It has sharp edges on heart-shaped cutouts. I have no idea what possessed her to use it. She knows that each swat will draw blood. Could it be that Mrs. Lion has a liking for drawing blood? She set the spanking timer for ten minutes. She stopped at about seven minutes. The puppy was licking my hand and trying to make me feel better. What a sweet dog! I think that and the blood influenced Mrs. Lion’s decision to stop.

The points on the hearts draw blood with each swat.

I learned something. That heart-shaped paddle is *very* effective. It stings like hell. I suspect that because the face is fairly large, it delivers an even red. All I know is that I was yelping from the first swat. I do not like it one bit.

Mrs. Lion also teased me. She gave me a long session of oral attention. I didn’t make it to the edge, but got close. I’m not sure why I’m having trouble getting all the way, but Mrs. Lion is willing to keep pushing. She’s made it clear that an orgasm isn’t forthcoming soon. I’m OK with that, he said gritting his teeth.

Work on my second novel is going slow. I’m in my third reading of Stein on Writing. It’s an amazing guide to writing good fiction. I’m working very hard to improve. I re-titled my first book. It was Fan Mail. That title didn’t get much reader reaction. It’s now called Vacation with a Stranger: She liked his picture and invited him to spend a week with her on Maui. If you can, please read and review it. All of the reviews for the old title are lost. I would appreciate your help.


  1. In vain they renamed. The title was catchy, more modern. What is now – just commonplace.
    Say hello to the puppy. The puppy realizes that you are in pain and tries to comfort you. Dogs don’t understand human pleasures with pain. For them, pain is definitely bad.

    1. Author

      Did you read the book?

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