The Hickory Stick

Thanks to the Internet and blogs like ours, more and more people are spanking one another. Most do it for sexual recreation, others like us, do it for fun and punishment. Spanking isn’t rocket science. Step 1, expose bare butt, Step 2, hit it. There are a few safety rules. The main one is to restrict your swats to the lower half of the tushie and the upper half of the thighs. Higher on the butt risks injuring less protected body parts. It’s completely ok to spread the cheeks and swat the tender inside of the crack.

Now that we’ve established where to swat, let’s talk about what to use to beat that exposed bottom. By the way, I strongly suggest always spanking a bare bottom. Even thin underwear will significantly diminish the effects of your efforts. Also, exposed skin let’s you monitor the results of your efforts.

Your hand is the most obvious and intimate spanking tool. Hand spankings are classic and turn on most spankees. Unfortunately, you will have a sore hand long before your bottom is begging you to stop. Tools are definitely called for. There are lots of items around the house that are suitable for tanning a butt. Some are quite mean. However, since they weren’t designed explicitly for sending a message, they might not be the best choice.

The classic spanking tool is the hairbrush. Countless kids, husbands and wives have been disciplined with the back of a hairbrush. The old fashioned hardwood paddle-shaped brushes are very effective over-the-knee spanking tools. You can’t go wrong with one of them. It’s almost like they were designed to spank.

A good spanking tool has a smooth surface,. No one wants splinters back there. It is reasonably thick and heavy. The heavier the implement, the more “thud” it provides. Thinner tools will sting. Most important, the brush has no sharp edges. It’s corners are smooth and rounded. Sharp edges bruise and can sometimes draw blood. Corners are particularly brutal.

small paddle on lion's butt
This little paddle is very painful. It’s thick oak. Mrs. Lion uses it to punish me in the kitchen.
(Click Image to enlarge.)

I believe in using devices designed to tan rear ends. Many of the paddles you will find at adult stores or web sites like Adam and Eve, are not quality products that will produce the professional results you desire. There are craftsmen who have been making paddles for decades. These tools tend to be a bit more expensive, but in my experience produce the best results.

My favorites were made by the Hanson Paddle Company. His paddles are absolutely the best of the best. He sold his business to Letherwerks. They continue to make his designs with the same care and quality of the originals. There are, of course, other quality makers. I have examples from quite a few. But Mrs. Lion almost invariably selects a Hanson paddle to spank me. By the way, the paddles are guaranteed. If one should split or break (and they can!), it will be replaced free of charge.

Fine paddles are like tennis racquets. For good play, they must feel balanced and comfortable to use. Of course, they should be very uncomfortable for their target. Generally speaking, the longer the handle and the smaller the striking area, the more efficient the paddle will be. Our most vicious paddle is a bloodwood ferule from Hanson. It is 3/8-inches thick and very heavy. I don’t think they have bloodwood now, but they offer it in 1/2″ oak. That will work very well.

lion's bare butt with lexan paddle
Mrs. Lion likes this lucite paddle. It’s shatter resistant and stings like crazy.
(Click image to view larger.)

The advantage of the long handle and small striking surface is leverage. It takes less work to make a strong impression. When Mrs. Lion uses her ferule, I’m squirming right from the start. John Hanson told me that the ferule is based on a punishment paddle from American colonial times. There are other designs, of course. They key is that each design in the collection has been tested before being put on sale.

Almost all impact toys are purchased by the person who will be on the receiving end. I’m no exception. Most of the paddles we have were bought at BDSM events where the makers had booths displaying their products. It’s much easier to get good stuff when you can handle and even test a paddle before buying it. Ordering online is much more difficult.

I’m not suggesting you don’t use household objects for spanking. I suggest that anything you use meets all of  these qualifications:

  • Heavy enough not to splinter or break when enthusiastically applying to the bottom. Light weight wooden spoons will often break mid swat and can injure one of you. Professional-weight wooden spoons are amazing for spanking.
  • Finished spanking surface. Avoid anything that could splinter. Rough surface paddles are especially entertaining. We have several with a coating of non-skid tape.
  • Reasonably thick. Thickness adds thud and also is less likely to scratch if angled when hitting.
  • Rounded corners and no sharp edges.

Some people have fetishes around certain kinds of spanking implements, like hairbrushes. By all means find these implements. Just be sure that they are safe to use. Have fun!


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  1. I have spent the last several weeks reading through your blog, and I’m finally all caught up! I love that you both post and we get both perspectives. Keep up the good work

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      Thank you for taking the time to get to know us.

  2. I made a paddle similar to your “Hanson” shown in pic. It has become my wifes favorite to deliver her message. It hurts like all hell!!

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