Still Tired

I had a hard time staying awake at work yesterday. Willow woke me up around 5 AM and didn’t want to let me go back to sleep. She used me as a chew toy and gave me quite a bruise when she got carried away. When I got home, I was taking her out, playing with her, or snoozing. By the time I thought about a post, it was 4 PM.

Lion’s “just because” spanking went pretty well. I didn’t use the large paddle. I tried the slapper, but it’s really too big. The handle is long, and it’s hard to aim correctly. I was hitting too far afield even when I choked up a lot. I stuck with the leather paddle and the small heart-shaped paddle made out of the same wood as the large paddle. Just for fun, I grabbed the paddle that has hearts cut out of it. We always said we should file down the sharp points, so they don’t draw blood, but we haven’t done it. I swatted him, not even hard, twice and managed to cut him both times. I stopped spanking not long after that. It’s too bad the paddle cuts. I think it would be interesting to have some heart-shaped bruises on his buns.

We ventured out to dinner last night. Aside from the casino, we haven’t really eaten out for over a year. I’ve been lusting after arroz con pollo from the local Mexican restaurant. I know I could have done take-out, but I never thought of it until I was home and never felt like going back out for it. We both ate too much, and we were too full to do anything. Of course, I was still tired until it was time to go to bed. Then I was wide awake. Maybe we should play at midnight when we can’t sleep.

Lion is getting furry again. It’s been well over a month since I waxed him. We went from being too sad about Daisy to being too busy with Willow to do more than think about hair removal. Maybe we’ll get to it next weekend. For now, I can deal with my nose being tickled.