The $7.95 Bottom Warmer

spanking lion with paddle tramp paddle
Lion is modelling the Paddle Tramp paddle we keep in the kitchen. It’s a perfect size and packs a very big wallop. Lion’s butt is quite small so it makes the paddle look larger than it is. (Click image to enlarge.)

Over twenty years ago I found a very cool paddle in a gift shop. I suspect that the owner thought it was a cheese server. It’s not very big, but extremely effective. I think, swat-for-swat, it’s one of the most painful paddles we own. It has a brand name burned in, “Paddle Tramps”. For the last few years I have visited their website hoping to find another. The wonderful, little paddle (CP110-Oak) we have hanging in our kitchen [See image, right] wasn’t on the site. Then yesterday, I checked again and found it! It’s only $7.95 plus shipping. It measures 3 1/2-inches wide, 9 1/2-inches long, and 5/8-inches thick.

Paddle Tramp specializes in fraternity paddles, not cheese servers. They call our “cheese server” the “Traditional Paddle CP110-Oak” I call it “The Bottom Warmer”. Click the product model to see it on their site. Oak is a very hard and dense wood. The paddle is probably a bit too big and heavy for a purse, but it is absolutely perfect for general disciplinary use. It’s just the right size for OTK spanking, or as we use it, “bend over and grab the kitchen counter”.

We have a longstanding rule that I am to be naked at all times when home. So, my bare bottom is always available when Mrs. Lion wants to spank it.  If I offend in the kitchen, she normally starts by giving me the look. Then, she unhooks the paddle. I bend over the counter. She administers several very hard swats. Each swat stings and burns. She does at least 6 or 8 rapid fire swats, alternating between cheeks. Over the years she has made good use of this of this handy attitude adjuster. In my opinion, this paddle is way more effective than our hairbrush paddle. The heavy oak and the barely-rounded edges assure that I understand how Mrs. Lion feels about what I’ve done.

This bargain paddle is perfect for beginning spankers as well as veteran disciplinarians. Using it requires no training or practice. It’s compact size assures it finds its mark on the very first swat. It’s the right size to reach the very tender tissue on the inside of thighs as well as make an amazing impression on the sit spot or above. Even a light swat stings. A strong swing makes me yelp and jump.

Best of all, if you or your partner is new to spanking, this little paddle isn’t intimidating and will give her a chance to try spanking with a truly effective tool. We have a very large collection of paddles and other spanking implements; some costing over a hundred dollars. This $7.95 paddle has to rank in the top three implements I fear. Because of its very low price and extreme effectiveness, this is the ideal first paddle for a new spanker to acquire. In fact, it’s the only paddle you may ever need. It’s size and weight are absolutely perfect for warming any bottom.