Not Just Because

I went out when it was a brisk 85 to replace the batteries in our weather station. It is now (at high noon) 103 degrees. We have to go out later to pick up some prescriptions. I hope the car’s air conditioning can hold up to this heat. This is just insane.

By 11 pm, Lion still had not set up the coffee pot. “Luckily” he was going to be spanked tonight anyway. However, he will now have five minutes added. As Lion can attest, five minutes is a long time, especially where spanking is concerned. I’m not bound by the timer though. I can keep swatting away long after Alexa has made her announcement.

Lion did offer to set the coffee pot up this morning so I wouldn’t have to do it. Of course, the issue is not the difficulty in setting it up. The issue is that it’s a rule and he failed to follow that rule. He must have a mental block about the damn coffee pot. Even if he set it up at that point, I would have had to punish him. On one hand, I guess he can take solace in the fact that he’s not being spanked just because. On the other hand, it doesn’t really matter what type of spanking he’s getting. The only difference is the length.

It’s a good thing he doesn’t break too many rules at once. There must be a limit in spanking length. If he breaks two rules soon after being spanked, he’ll be up to twenty minutes. At what point is it overkill? I can’t imagine swatting him for half an hour. My arms would give out and he’d be far to bloody to handle it. I hope we never get to that point. And we won’t if he can just remember the damn coffee pot.

The poor Lion butt will be all red and painful later on. I’m willing to sacrifice being even more sweaty so he can have his spanking. Am I a good wife or what?

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  1. You are definitely a good wife. And the Lion may also need to use the services of some Alexa, which would remind him at least of the need to operate the coffee maker on time.

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