Mrs. Lion’s New Vistas In Spanking Me

Tuesday, I posted a picture of the result of my most recent spanking. I didn’t look at it very carefully. I was illustrating the latest, painful experience. I took a closer look, and I noticed a significant change. Ever since Mrs. Lion started giving me serious spankings, the most significant marks were always on the sides of my bottom. She noticed this and was still unable to correct the coverage. The image below is from a punishment spanking in May. It was delivered with me on the bed with my legs mostly off the side.

lion spanked ass may 2021
Result of p;unishment s;panking in May. I was on the bed.

Even with a strong effort to even out the coverage, the crack area got less attention. I know that Mrs. Lion worked hard to get some marks near my crack. It turned out to be very difficult. It didn’t occur to either of us that it might be my position and not her spanking technique.

When I got a “just because” spanking on the new spanking bench, the pattern was very different. You can see that the heaviest marking was close to my crack. Nothing changed other than me riding the bench. I am sure it gave Mrs. Lion the ability to move much more freely relative to my butt. Marking the center area is much easier. She can move back to the end of the paddle hits next to the crack. She didn’t have much room when I was across the foot of the bed. You can see the result below.

lion's ass after spanking
After my recent spanking bench paddling, the marks move to the center.

There are still significant marks on the sides, but the crack area has very significant marks. This is much closer to even coverage. Now that Mrs. Lion has more flexibility in her position, my bottom receives significantly more diversely spaced marks.

Very mean blue paddle. It’s perfect for inside my crack. Click image to purchase.

Coverage is still not even. That’s very difficult to achieve but is possible in a ten-plus minute spanking. She now has much easier access to the inside of my crack. Her mean, the blue paddle can come into play there. Her improved position lets her stand right over me for access to that most tender and painful area.

I don’t seem to color very much except for bruising and blistering. The best Mrs. Lion has been able to achieve so far is dark pink. I know she wants to produce an even, dark red. Unfortunately, she hasn’t been able to do that yet. The swats that produce the general redness sting like hell. They are good for discipline as well as post-spanking photography.

Mrs. Lion said that she might try much more frequent “just because” spankings as a way to improve our attention to behavior and to give her a chance to refine her technique further. I’m sure she will take pictures to show you.

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  1. Yes, dear lion.
    Your ass can already be seen as an art object.

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