My butt after Monday’s “just because” spanking. It’s sore, but not nearly as bad as it feels after a disciplinary spanking.

As Mrs. Lion wrote in her post yesterday, I got another “just because” spanking. She is still working out the best way to spank me with our new spanking bench. She set the timer to ten minutes but disregarded it when it went off. I guess she wasn’t finished. That’s fine. It’s the DWC method.

These “just because” spankings aren’t as painful as my punishment spankings. We agreed that there shouldn’t be any real difference, but so far, the damage is less when it isn’t a punishment. Monday night, I was very happy that Mrs. Lion didn’t hit as hard as usual. The position I’m in on the bench stretches my bottom. This makes the paddling hurt much more. I know. That’s a good thing. Spankings are supposed to hurt as much as possible.

In the past, we tried having me on my knees, with my head on the bed. That puts my rear at about the same angle as it is on the spanking bench. I couldn’t hold that position. Now, I can’t move. I’m strapped down and can’t do anything to reduce the pain. All I can do is yelp and scream. Don’t you feel sorry for me? Of course not! It’s what we both want.

Right now, it hurts when I sit. It isn’t as bad as my last punishment, but it does hurt. Mrs. Lion likes to experiment, so I expect that another “just because” spanking is coming up as soon as I heal from this one. Based on my experience and my reading, this isn’t a bad thing. Other than helping Mrs. Lion increase my discomfort, it also focuses our attention on our disciplinary relationship.

It isn’t just about punishing me for disobedience. I’m starting to think that isn’t the most important aspect of our domestic discipline. I can’t put my finger on it, but things are lighter around here for a few days after a spanking. Mrs. Lion is more playful. She even pays more sexual attention to me. She teases me about being spanked and will play-threaten me with a paddling.

I’m more playful too. And, I have to admit, I feel more sexual. That’s no big surprise. I get turned on by being spanked. But, that doesn’t explain Mrs. Lion’s changes. I think she gets turned on too–not in a sexual way, but an emotional one. She doesn’t exactly enjoy spanking me but likes her ability to blister my bottom. We are similar this way. Neither of us exactly likes the actual spanking, but we both get value out of it after it’s done.

When I think back to the “experiments” when Mrs. Lion spanked me almost daily, we were both more physical and affectionate. There’s no question that my reaction to spanking is different than hers. She isn’t turned on by it. But it affects her.

Will a drastic increase in spankings really benefit us both? Will I stop bleeding if Mrs. Lion toughens my hide? Will she find more reasons to catch me? Maybe if she knows she will spank me anyway, she will finally enforce interrupting her and other annoying things I may do.

One of the problems with disciplinary spanking is that it is reserved for punishment. I’m not suggesting that Mrs. Lion stop punishing me. I think that recreational butt-blistering is something that might help us both. Also, maybe we should go back to the Box O’Fun and Zapardy and Spankardy too. I think inertia has taken hold in the lions den, and we need to work to drive it away consistently. If Mrs. Lion agrees, I will have to get used to painful sitting.

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