Why Didn’t We Do Anything?

I left work early yesterday to take the dog to the vet. She was not very energetic and I figured there’d be a problem getting her into the car. I didn’t think she’d outright refuse to move. Worse yet, when I tried to get the leash off her, she snapped at me. Luckily, I was able to reschedule the appointment to this afternoon, but I have no idea if she’ll be any more cooperative.

I was so tired I actually fell asleep at work. You know when you feel your head drop and it wakes you up. Yeah, that was me. The dog woke me up very early and I wasn’t able to get back to sleep. Once it was clear we wouldn’t be making the trip to the vet, both Lion and I snoozed a bit watching TV. It helped a lot but I was still tired.

Once the dinner dishes were cleared, Lion put on some game shows. I thought about stopping him so we could play, but I didn’t. The longer we kept watching, the less I felt like playing. Around 9:30 or 10, he asked if there was a reason we didn’t do anything. At the time I said I just didn’t stop watching TV. He said he could have paused at any time. Yes, but I just didn’t ask him to. No excuse. I just didn’t do it. Now, I’m wondering what happened to his ask-deny experiment. He was supposed to ask and I was supposed to tell him no. Why didn’t he do that? I’m guessing he forgot. I did too, obviously. I think we only did it once. I’m not saying it would have made me any more inclined to do something last night, but it’s yet another thing we’ve failed to do.

The other day we were talking about the just because spankings and how often they should happen. I suggested doing them on regular punishment days. That may be overkill. There are three punishment days per week. I don’t think Lion needs a raw butt three times a week. Of course, if he breaks a rule three times a week, he should be punished that often. Otherwise, no. The problem, if there really is one, is that those days are fairly evenly spaced throughout the week. I guess we could start out with Monday and Thursday and see how it goes. Maybe just one day a week. Hmmm, it is Thursday. Okay. You’ve twisted my arm. We’ll start today.