Grill Marks

grilled steak
A beautiful grilled steak has marks where the hot grill contacted the meat. It’s a sign of a delicious meal ahead. My grill marks are imprinted by the bars of my cage. Click this image for a color view of mine.

A beautiful, charcoal-broiled steak features grill marks where the hot grill add extra browning to the meat. In similar fashion, the pressure of the cage against the head of my penis leaves its own grill marks on me. This used to happen as a result of getting a chubby inside my too-large cage. Since I am guaranteed to get at least one every day as part of my male systems exercising at night, I always had grill marks when Mrs. Lion freed me. Now, with the smaller cage, the marks are more pronounced and don’t depend on a chubby to make them. While very visible, these marks are not painful at all and are not harmful. A reasonable time out of the cage, especially if I am allowed to get hard will make them fade and eventually disappear. At first these marks disturbed me since they didn’t go away immediately. But I have learned that they are harmless and are, in fact, a badge that I was caged. So, like a fine steak, my weenie has the mark of a great chef, Mrs. Lion.

I always get a smile out of reading “reviews” of chastity devices by males who have been locked up all of an hour or two. Some even write reviews without putting it on. Any of us who have been caged for more than a week or two have learned that being in forced chastity requires some changes in our day-to-day lives.

The most significant for me turned out to be underpants. For years I wore Ex Officio briefs. I love these. They are made of a breathable, synthetic blend that wicks moisture away from the body, never smells, and can be hand washed and air dried overnight. Once caged, I discovered that these briefs offered no visual protection for my cage and the rather slippery nature of the fabric allowed them to bind up uncomfortably around my balls. I had noticed this problem before. Once on a long flight to Europe, they made me miserable in the sticky airline seat. I immediately felt the problem with my cage.

I also worried that the cage might cause drips after peeing to get to my outer pants and make an embarrassing wet spot. I realized that I need both absorbancy and padding. After a lot of research I found Wearever Mens Incontenence Briefs. If you ignore the word “incontinence” you will find that these look like ordinary cotton underpants. They are very comfortable and the padding (absorbent layer) provides good camouflage for any cage-shaped bumps that might appear. I really like them. I have worn them in semi-public, at the doctor’s office where that was all I had on. No one noticed. I’ve found that with the cage I actually drip less than when I am wild. Go figure! However, the padding improves the look under clothes and feels very comfortable. The cotton-like fabric doesn’t slip around like my Ex Officio’s, so I am way more comfortable sitting.

Another important change I’ve had to make is with peeing. Before I got the shortened Jail Bird cage, my urethra would end up anywhere but where it needed to be for me to have a nice, clean stream. As a result, I ended up soaking my pants a couple of times at work and had to go home to change. After this happened a couple of times I realized I had to pee sitting down. I had no idea this would involve a learning curve, but in fact, in the beginning I couldn’t manage to fully empty my bladder. After a few days my body learned to pee sitting and I was back to normal.

I really sympathize with women. Having to sit on a toilet in a public bathroom is an adventure at best and disgusting most of the time. I actually cut down on drinking water and other beverages to avoid those public bathroom trips. My shortened cage has solved this problem. I can now pee standing up. Of course, it isn’t as simple as it is when I am wild. I have to take my cock and balls out since the Jail Bird presses my penis down against my balls. I have to aim the entire package and pull my balls back to avoid soaking them. It took a bit of practice, but now I have no trouble at all.

The other adjustment I needed to make was managing my balls. That may sound silly, but the base ring of my cage keeps my balls front and center. When I am wild, they are able to move into the background and stay out of the way. The base ring forces them forward, directly under my penis. I have to “adjust” myself more now to assure that I don’t end up sitting on them or otherwise pinching or hurting myself. Sound horrible? It’s not. Just one more thing to learn.

My point is that being caged isn’t as simple as buying a device, putting it on, and giving the key away. Guys that imagine this is the case will get ugly surprises as the challenges of being caged surface. A lot of the stuff I like has to do with me surrendering control and getting disciplined, teased, and played with. I didn’t imagine I would need new underpants, had to learn to pee again, keep my balls out of the way, and deal with those grill marks. Now that it is nearly six months of full time forced chastity, I think most of the adjustments are behind me and I can just enjoy the ride.


  1. Author

    I was going to ask about this on the forum too but something in your post reminded me of this dilemma.

    I have a CB Style Stainless Steel device I got (Chinese knock off from AliExpress, don’t judge) that I really do enjoy the look and feel of. It’s got posts to keep it from pinching and is good to wear around while managing the kids etc etc. But what I’m finding is that it’s really hard to get into. I can powder up with talc and then pull myself into it with a bit of ribbon but that’s really hit or miss if I get “all the way in” and if I don’t then it sits weird, lots of skin pokes out of the hood etc, etc.

    On the other hand I did use a bit of lube the other day and I was able to push myself all the way in right up to the point where I closed it off and sealed it. I recalled a post you made where you admonished the use of lube which is one reason I hesitated and I also wasn’t sure about what would happen once the lube dried and there’s my cock inside this steel tube.

    Advice? Or am I over thinking it?

    1. Author

      Using some water-based lube to get into the tube is a good idea. Also useful to get the penis in the base ring sometimes. The key is that you want the lube to dissipate in fairly quick order (within the day hopefully). If you use water-based lube, bathing will remove it. Silicone lube is the worst. It is very hard to wash off. It is massively slippery and great for anal play. Oil-based lubes will go away eventually. We use Neutragena hand lotion to ease me into the cage. It is a nice lube right after you put it on and then it soaks into the skin providing nice, healthy moisturizing.

      Have you worn the device much (a week or more)? I’m wondering about keeping clean. A lot of CB owners can’t get the urine all out and the area starts to smell. Worse, at least for me, any residual urine will irritate me. It’s a good thing that when Mrs. Lion put me in a diaper, the modern disposables get the urine away from the body and keep it away.

  2. Author

    I’m just over the 180 day mark in my jailbird .
    I too keep in mind movements…getting in and out of cars and what pants will cause what problems also in certain chairs…couches etc..
    I also have been going commando more recently and it has solved some of the pinching problems

    1. Author

      Going commando works for me sometimes, but usually my balls end up in an uncomfortable place. Even with the Wearever briefs, sometimes I need to wiggle when seated to get comfortable.

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