Spanking: Making The Color More Even

Spanking isn’t as simple as firmly applying a paddle to a willing backside. Mrs. Lion has been discovering that getting even coverage isn’t as simple as it appears. Before Mrs. Lion and I got together, I was active in the BDSM (real-life) community. Over the years, I attended and ran spanking workshops. In those days, I gave spankings most of the time. Occasionally, I would switch and be on the receiving end. None of the spankings were intended as punishment.

Wednesday’s spanking missed the middle.


If you read Mrs. Lion’s post yesterday, she discussed her difficulty covering the center of my bottom. The center, near my crack, was untouched. The tender area behind my balls was also swat-free. The picture on the right shows the missing area. She was a little surprised that only the sides of my butt showed signs of her efforts. She was certain she aimed for the areas adjacent to my crack, yet it was untouched.

This is because the striking area of the paddle is flat, but my bottom is curved. Also, when the paddle strikes, the flesh it hits flattens. When Mrs. Lion aims to hit one side of my bottom, she centers the striking area on the cheek. The first spot the paddle will strike is the highest point on my bottom inside the area of the paddle. As it continues down, the paddle will strike the flesh as it flattens. The force of the paddle is absorbed quickly. The first-strike area will get the brunt of the swat.

Mrs. Lion did it! Last night she adjusted her technique. Most painful spanking yet. I don’t want to feel it when she is angry.

If the striking area is small, like a spoon, then the blow is easier to direct—however, the more curve to the bottom, the more difficult it to hit specific areas. Ideally, the butt should be positioned, so it is stretched and flattened. Over the knee, spankings stretch the bottom nicely. Unfortunately, Mrs. Lion can’t comfortably spank me that way. We tried with me on my knees, but I flattened out as soon as the pain got intense.

Assuming I stay in my current position with my body on a pillow, legs dangling over the edge of the bed, paddle angle probably dictates where I am hit. If the paddle is swung at a right angle to my body, it will most likely have trouble getting into the center. If the paddle is angled down so that the front of the paddle hits first, Mrs. Lion can get into the central areas.

Mrs. Lion used the hairbrush-shaped paddle last night. It has a short handle. She stands above me when she spanks. That means she has to reach down to paddle me. I think a short-handled paddle needs to have her closer to my ass. She sometimes sat next to me for spanking. That put her in a position similar to having me over her lap. Unless the paddle has a very long handle, I think the ideal position to spank me is with my butt closer to her where it would be if I were over her lap.

We may need more lights on when I’m spanked. The more clearly Mrs. Lion can see each blow’s imprint, the more easily she can adjust her aim. Another way to control impact is by rotating the angle of the blows. For example, Mrs. Lion is usually to my side and behind me when she spanks. The blows are usually perpendicular to my crack. If she moves so that the paddle is more parallel to my crack, it’s much easier to hit the center area, even into the crack itself’s tender flesh. If the paddle is parallel to my crack, she can rotate it to strike flat against the angled flesh near my crack. Mrs. Lion is an excellent spanker. You can see by the marks that she left that I got her message. The point of this discussion is to offer suggestions on getting even color from edge to edge.