Mrs.Lion’s Pressure Relief

Mrs. Lion didn’t get to write a post yesterday. We had to run errands that interfered with her time. No post from her means no coming attractions, or should I say not-coming attractions, for me. Yesterday (Friday) was day 19 for me. It isn’t a particularly long time. I generally get to ejaculate by 14 days. I’m not complaining. My interest seems to have flagged a bit. Mrs. Lion tried to get me to the edge on Thursday night. I just wasn’t up to it. I hate it when my arousal isn’t consistent. I like consistency—a lot.

Mrs. Lion strives to be consistent with me. She succeeds. When I break a rule, I don’t even imagine I will escape punishment. Now that her spankings are truly fearsome, I regret my sins as soon as I’m aware I’ve committed them. The famous forgetting-to-set-up-the-coffee-pot sin draws the most spankings. Aside from helping me learn to remember, my punishments benefit Mrs. Lion too.

I’m pretty sure she won’t agree with this, but I’m convinced that being able to spank me when I forget defuses what otherwise could be one of those he-squeezes-the-toothpaste-from-the-middle-of-the-tube situations. She freely admits that it isn’t a big deal when setting up the coffee pot in the morning. It also annoys her when she has to interrupt her tightly scheduled breakfast routine to do it. If we didn’t have a disciplinary marriage, when I would forget the coffee pot, Mrs. Lion would tell me it was no big deal. The next time it would annoy her more, but she wouldn’t tell me.

Over time, little things would start being more and more annoying. At some point, one of those little things would tip the scale, and she would be angry and feel she had nowhere to go with it. It’s stuff like this that can poison a relationship. No matter how you feel about a wife spanking her husband, it serves as an excellent pressure relief valve. I do something annoying, and she blisters my bottom. She knows that if she makes it unpleasant enough, her punishment will teach me to correct my error.

Even if I stubbornly keep breaking a rule, administering painful consequences keeps relieving the pressure for her. Mrs. Lion knows that sooner or later, I will decide it is easier to remember my chores than endure a bottom blistering. As I learned the other day, forgetting too soon after my last punishment earns me more pain. My ten-minute spanking grew to fifteen due to my repeating my sin after only a few days.

Obviously, there is a reason I encourage Mrs. Lion to be my disciplinary wife. I like being spanked. At least, I like the idea of being spanked. I find it sexually arousing. I don’t particularly appreciate being punished. A couple of days (like now) after a spanking, I think back on it in a sexual way. It’s that sexual attraction and my stupidity that makes me get in position to be punished. Also, I know better than to resist. Inevitably, I will get worse later.