Fifteen minutes can feel like forever. Don’t believe me? Try being on the receiving end of Mrs. Lion’s paddles. I was on Wednesday night. I got there because I forgot to set up the coffee pot on Tuesday. Mrs. Lion was particularly annoyed because I had forgotten the same chore just a few days before. She administered a ten-minute spanking for that. It was very painful, and the discomfort hadn’t quite disappeared on Wednesday.

She’s only recently adopted the long-form spankings. I had done some reading from the old Disciplinary Wives Club website. I learned that the standard DWC spanking lasted at least ten minutes. The club suggested that a timer be used to assure that the full measure of punishment is administered. It went on to say that if there is more than one offense, she should add five minutes for each one. They also pointed out that the spanking didn’t have to end when the timer went off. It just shouldn’t end before the timer sounds.

Mrs. Lion took this to heart. She decided that I didn’t get the message after my ten-minute spanking the first time I forgot to set up the coffee pot. So, she added five minutes on Wednesday. What a sweetheart! That’s a very long time when someone is doing her best to make your bottom hurt. Mine hurt plenty the entire time.

While she was beating me, I truly regretted forgetting my chore. I also considered asking Mrs. Lion to stop punishing me. It was just too much! I decided that I was getting exactly what I asked for: meaningful punishment. Since I like spanking when in a BDSM scene, to be useful, punishment has to clearly communicate that what is happening is not for my BDSM entertainment. I’m supposed to hate it enough to do anything to avoid a repeat performance. As Mrs. Lion has discovered, that’s a lot harder to do than you might think. Lioness 4.0 knows how to do it. I was very unhappy when she beat me. I still feel that spanking when I sit down.

It’s difficult to get even coverage. The center area is often missed.

From a technical perspective, it’s a little tricky to get even coverage. Mrs. Lion ends up delivering most of her damage to the sides of my cheeks. The center area is largely untouched (see image). There’s a reason for this. Due to the natural curve of the butt, a blow that is aimed at the crack will often deliver its real force to the near or far side, not the middle. This is due to the way the bottom deflects when struck. A paddle with a small striking surface makes this effect more pronounced.

I think there are two ways to provide pain to this neglected area. The first is to use a larger-faced paddle. It’s the greater surface area that will trap the elusive center flesh and allow it to receive its share of the pain. Another more difficult technique is to use a flexible paddle or strap. If it’s aimed, so the very end of the strap hits the crack, that center area will get its share. Most of the porn spankings are delivered with large-surfaced paddles. They produce an even red across the bottom. They also don’t hurt as much after a while. It’s more difficult to deliver the sort of force Mrs. Lion wants with a large paddle. When used at the beginning of a spanking, those paddles really sting. After a while, some numbness kicks in. That’s when changing to the vicious paddles is necessary.

Here I go again. I seem to want to keep making things worse for myself. As a former top and sex educator, it’s tough for me to resist offering help. I have to admit that I’ve created a monster. 4.0 is determined to deliver the best (translation: most painful) spanking she can.

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  1. Mrs. Lion is so cute. She did her job so well. Your ass looks very evenly colored. And the fact that it is noticeably less in the crack is understandable from the point of view of the terrain. In my opinion, the result is close to perfect.

  2. I simply do not understand why it is so hard for you to listen to Mrs Lion!! Forgetting to set up the coffee pot twice in one week is not a mistake, you simply do not pay her enough attention and respect, you obviously could not care less. I think you are extremely lucky that you only got a good trashing for 15 minutes, if it were my call I would make you ask Mrs Lion to repeat this session today (Saturday). By doing so you show that you are indeed sorry and by asking for this ordeal she might feel appreciated. Shame on you and may you receive another hard spanking!

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