Busy Afternoon

Lion wanted a professional haircut for my son’s wedding. I was not offended. I’ve only been cutting his hair because it hasn’t been safe to go out to get a haircut. Ordinarily, he shows up and waits. Neither of us thought he’d need an appointment. We had to wait until 5:45 for an appointment. No problem. We had other errands. We picked up his new sport coat from being altered. We got the dog’s prescription from Costco. We got Lion’s prescription from the grocery store. And then we waited fifteen minutes for his haircut.

By the time we got home and ate dinner, it was close to 8. Lion was under the blankets, and I don’t think either of us wanted to do anything. He’d spent a lot of the morning on the phone with vets about the dog and with pharmacies about eye drops he’s been trying to get the insurance to cover. I worked in the morning in addition to being on the phone with the vet. It was just a full day for both of us.

I think it was around 9:30 when Lion informed me he thought he might be horny. He knew it was too late for last night, but today is another day. As far as I know, we’ve completed all our errands. The rest of the weekend can be used for chores and getting ready for our trip. Oh, and sex for Lion. Whether or not that sex leads to an orgasm is entirely up to him. Of course, I have the ultimate say, but if he’s horny enough, he might just have one. Although he never begs for one, and that annoys me a little, I want to wait until he’s so horny he might consider doing so. He doesn’t beg because he doesn’t want to influence me. He doesn’t believe me that I won’t give him an orgasm just because he begs. I think it might be fun to deny him even if he begs. Oh well. For now, I’ll have to be content with his attempts at bucking, which mean pretty much the same thing as begging anyway.