Evil 4.0

2021 05 19 NoBlood mcj
This is Lion’s bottom after I cleaned up the blood. Click the image to view it larger. If you would like to see it before I cleaned up the blood, click here.

Apparently, 4.0 is a mean, mean spanker. Lion was squirming a lot. I didn’t tie his legs together. Maybe I’ll have to in the future. He was a bloody, potentially bruised, swollen mess when I was done.

To be fair, he was tired and snoozing while I did the dishes. I’ve been spanking him before my shower, so he has time to recover before we play. That didn’t happen last night. He was awake when I came out of the bathroom, so I gave him an option. He could get spanked last night or get spanked Thursday and Friday for ten minutes each night. He didn’t want to get spanked two days in a row. He chose his fifteen-minute beating.

[Lion — Mrs. Lion didn’t give me exactly that choice. She just said, “I can spank you tonight, or you can put it off, and I will spank you tomorrow and the next day. She didn’t tell me that the two-day spankings would be shorter.]

I didn’t ask, but I assumed he wasn’t up for anything after the spanking. His buns were on fire. He was having trouble finding a comfortable position on the soft bed. Just before we went to sleep, he said his butt hurt. I would think so. The only respite he got was when I wiped the blood off, assuming you don’t count the few seconds it took the change paddles.

Before I started, I grabbed the spoon-shaped paddle, the non-bloodwood ferule, and a hairbrush paddle. I didn’t use the hairbrush too much. It doesn’t have a long handle, so it took more effort to create the same effect as the others. Work smarter, not harder. So I concentrated on the longer-handled paddles.

Our goal, eventually, is to make it so Lion doesn’t bleed while I spank him. He got some goop to put on, but we haven’t spent any time figuring out how to use it. Does it go on before the spanking to prevent bleeding, or does it go on afterward to stop the bleeding? I think he bled more profusely last night, but that could have been because I was hitting harder and longer. Once I stopped hitting him and wiped him off, there was no more blood. That’s encouraging, but we’d both prefer if there was no blood at all.

Of course, if he didn’t keep breaking the rules so close to his last spanking, he might not get whomped as hard or as long. Come on, Lion, you can do it.