A Weenie Drive-by

As promised, I ventured near my weenie last night. I think, although Lion didn’t encourage me, I might have been able to get more of a reaction if I’d suggested some oral activity. Even if it doesn’t produce an erection that leads to edging, it will be a step in the right direction. And I don’t think Lion can argue that oral sex doesn’t feel good even if you’re not particularly interested.

Today, the dog goes for a bath. She needs it. I’m not able to brush her as often or thoroughly as I should. She just does not want to sit still long enough. She also needs her toenails and the fur between her toes trimmed. Lion’s allergies will be better. And we’ll all live happily ever after. Why does Lion have a long haired dog if he’s allergic? We considered a poodle mix after we lost our last dog. Then I made the mistake of finding a litter of golden retrievers available nearby and the rest is history. It’s hard to argue with a sweet golden retriever. And Lion will say his allergies aren’t bad enough to consider not having his baby around.

Lion has been mumbling about being tired. I’m not sure he’ll make the trip to drop off the dog. I’d rather have him home resting so he’s able to have some fun later. If he snoozes now, he won’t have to snooze later. He may very well snooze later and that won’t mean he’s missed his opportunity for snuggling or whatever else might happen.

Friday morning I woke up late. I started work a half hour late and needed to get a project done. I took a break to have breakfast with Lion and didn’t get the breakfast dishes taken care of till after 1. On Saturday morning, Lion went into the kitchen and put the coffee pot together then. Should he have been in trouble for not doing it on Friday? Well, he did get in the kitchen before I tried to make coffee. And he said he tried to put the pot together twice but I hadn’t taken care of the dishes yet. It’s true he had most of the afternoon and all evening to do it, but he never went back into the kitchen. I decided to give him a pass.

Yesterday, however, he was in the kitchen several times after I took care of the breakfast dishes. He had ample time to put the coffee pot together. Did he? Nope. I wasn’t going to remind him. I was going to let him earn his punishment. We had more trouble getting to sleep last night and I guess having trouble sleeping reminded Lion about the coffee pot because off he went after midnight to do his job. I guess he didn’t want red buns today.