I have been asking to work from home for a while. I finally got approval yesterday. I had a choice of working certain days home and certain days in the office or full-time home. I chose full-time home. Of course, I’ll need to go in for certain meetings, and we have some training coming up, but 99% of work from home seemed like a no-brainer. When I told Lion, he said, “You don’t want to do that.” Huh? I thought he’d be jumping for joy.

He reasons that they’ll forget about me and won’t see me as valuable anymore if I’m not around. I’m not sure how they’d think my job was getting done. No one else does it but me. I guess I can understand his thinking to some extent. I suggested working from home three days and at work two. “Or,” he said, “you could do it the other way around.” Huh? (If you’re playing along at home, the score is now Mrs. Lion 0, Lion bat shit crazy.)

If I didn’t know better, and I do, it might sound like Lion is trying to keep me out of the house. Does he have a girlfriend he sneaks in while I’m at work? Does she show up three times a week, and I’d be cramping his style? No. I know that’s not it. I was amazed. If nothing else, I thought he’d be happy I could take some of the puppy energy off his hands. On my way out the door this morning, he said he’s excited to have me home more often. Men!

You may think this rose to the level of annoyance. Nope. Lion’s buns are safe. It just felt like someone let the wind out of my sails. I already know I’ll have to be in the office for at least half a day so I can do things that shouldn’t leave the office. Beyond that, it’s up to me. We’ll figure it out over the weekend. I don’t need to make a decision immediately.

[Lion — I’m very happy that Mrs. Lion can work from home. My concern is that she works for a small company that has always required everyone to work at the office. I’m concerned that people will get used to her not being there and forget why she is so important. As far as I’m concerned, she can be home all of the time. I think that she needs to maintain and build personal relationships with her fellow employees. You can’t do that from home.]

Balls, testicles, hairy bedonkers, nuts, family jewels are just a few names for that fleshy bag that hangs below the penis. I thought that many women don’t like them. I was wrong. In a small survey on Twitter, I asked women for their views on balls. To my surprise, none responded that they didn’t like them.  Twenty percent said they only liked looking, forty percent liked touching, and forty percent enjoyed kissing them.

Mrs. Lion’s favorite view.

I didn’t expect that response. Of course, my sample came from women who follow me. They would be sexually open and biased toward male genitalia. Still, nearly half liked using their mouths there. Nice! I like my balls tickled and kissed. Licking is nice too. I didn’t ask about that. Mrs. Lion says that she is fond of my balls. She certainly enjoys torturing them. She likes to tie and separate them and then jerk me off. My tightly tied balls bounce on every stroke. She also likes covering them with clothespins of various types. Also, my most feared activity is Icy Hot or some other menthol or capsaicin rub applied there. The skin is much more sensitive than on my cock.

Mrs. Lion loves clothespins.

I love it when she tickles my balls. That feels good as foreplay and when she is sucking me. If she is using her hands, a finger (or two, or something larger) up my ass simultaneously is very hot. Mrs. Lion is especially fond of slapping my balls. I hate that. Well, if she uses a light item, like a paint stirrer, it gives me a nice sting. If she uses her hand, I get a nasty ache in my balls each time she swats. She claims that I need more “practice” to toughen me up. So far, she hasn’t followed up.

I think my balls are more attractive without hair. I think pubic hair, in general, is unnecessary—just one man’s opinion.

Lion’s bottom after his spanking last night.

I finally dragged out the spanking bench last night. Lion said he hoped I’d put it off one more night. Nope. Sorry. He was feeling okay. I was tired, but it needed to be done. I’d pushed it off too many times. Sooner or later, it had to be done.

This time I wrestled the dog into her crate before I started whomping. I wasn’t going to let her get me upset again. Lion deserves my full attention, and he needs me to make sure I keep him safe. He still yelped, but this time I knew it was just him yelping and not because I was going too far. The only problem he had toward the end was worrying that blood would drip on the carpet. It did, but it will clean up.

This morning, Lion says his buns are sore but in a different way. Normally, they hurt when he sits. This time around, they hurt when he stands or walks. I don’t know what to make of that. He says the spanking was very effective. I have no idea what I did differently. Did I warm him up well and then hit harder? Did I hit medium strength for longer? I know I used some different paddles. One of them was a plastic/rubber paddle with bumps on it. For fun, I used one that looks like a meat tenderizer, but I didn’t hit hard because I know that makes him bleed. Maybe tenderizing him got him ready for deeper soreness. I’ll probably never be able to recreate what I did since I have no idea what I did. That’s a shame.

When I was getting ready for work this morning, Lion interrupted me a few times. I growled at him that he just needed to let me finish my thought. He wondered if he was in trouble. His buns are safe from more swats unless he continues to interrupt me. I told him he needed to watch his step. Maybe the first two interruptions are free or three strikes, and he’s out—something like that. I’m not unreasonable. Just don’t piss me off.

I’m sure his buns were glad to hear they wouldn’t be swatted again so soon. They need time to sulk too. It’s up to Lion how long they have to recover before being swatted next time.

Empathy can be the best friend or worst enemy of a disciplinary relationship. For example, if Mrs. Lion imagines how it would feel if I punished her the way she punishes me, her spankings would get much milder. That isn’t empathy. It’s identification. She is putting herself in my place. Empathy would understand how what she does makes me feel.

That’s the big catch for many people. There is no question that being punished is extremely unpleasant to me. It’s humiliating and painful. Mrs. Lion has learned that I need her to enforce my rules strictly. She may not know why, but the strict, disciplinary environment nourishes me. I’m calmer and happier when she doesn’t spare the paddle.

What if I’m unhappy and try to avoid that spanking? Does that signal my unhappiness with what she is doing? If I say I don’t want a spanking, Mrs. Lion will refrain or postpone my punishment. During a spanking, I may complain bitterly and beg Mrs. Lion not to hit so hard. She will ease up a bit if I do. Is this what I need?

The answers aren’t simple. If I ask for a spanking to be postponed, I could have a valid reason. I don’t ask unless I’m not feeling well. Mrs. Lion is right to put it off. But, for things to stay in balance, she should only postpone, never cancel. I try not to complain too much when being spanked. When Mrs. Lion approaches the point, I want to run away, telling her that she is hitting too hard. Should she back off? I don’t know. Probably she shouldn’t. She can tell when she may be accelerating the pace of my spanking too quickly. I’m the last person whose opinion she should follow.

This is the most difficult challenge a disciplinarian faces. Over time, Mrs. Lion has learned my reactions and has a good idea about how to spank me. She is learning to ignore most of my feedback. Interestingly, my last spanking followed an annoying encounter with our puppy. Mrs. Lion was upset. Her spanking was much more disciplinary than usual. She was in a no-nonsense mood and set to work with controlled intensity. She was very effective. I wonder if she can duplicate that in the future. Part of me hopes she can. The spanking was very effective. You know which part of me hopes she won’t.