Ending The Year With A Yelp, Not A Bang

Every time I think I have Mrs. Lion figured out, she surprises me. Take Tuesday night. I figured that she would build on the fun we had Monday. Instead, she told me that she just wanted to snuggle. Don’t get me wrong. I love snuggling with my sweetie. I figured that Tuesday would continue Monday’s fun.

Yesterday, in her post (“Super Hard“), she announced that we would end the year with a spanking. That wasn’t the fireworks I imagined I would experience. It’s been a couple of weeks since my bottom has felt her wrath. She made the valid point that we need to stay in practice. But New Year’s Eve?

We originally had plans to see”My Fair Lady” on New Year’s Eve. The Lincoln Center traveling company is in Seattle presenting it. The latest COVID problem made sitting in a theater with 2,000 strangers a questionable thing to do. I was able to sell our tickets at a small loss. We will be home on New Year’s Eve. According to Mrs. Lion, we now have something to do. How nice.

Apparently, my last orgasm of 2021 is coming before New Year’s Eve. That’s fine with me. I’ll take an orgasm anytime Mrs. Lion wants to give me one. Based on her post, it looks like her Magic Wand will deliver it. It’s been a little over a year (Dec 20, 2020) since my last Magic Wand ejaculation.

Living better electrically with the Magic Wand is a good energy saver for Mrs. Lion. I am grateful for any opportunity to get to the edge and beyond. I’m writing this on Wednesday afternoon. I have no idea if tonight will bring edging or orgasm. Either is fine, of course. So far, I’ve had three orgasms in December. I had three in November and two each month for the six months before. Mrs. Lion might decide that I’ve reached my 2021 quota and wait until 2022 before I get to come again.

I’ve discovered that there’s no point in speculating. My lioness likes to surprise me. I have to remember that not every surprise is fun.