My Input Is Not Required

Based on our posts, it would be easy to get the impression that Mrs. Lion and I discuss male chastity, FLR, and domestic discipline constantly. In fact, it doesn’t come up very often at all. There really isn’t a lot to talk about. She likes to hear if I am horny and if it hurts to sit after a spanking. Beyond that, everything is either understood or doesn’t need my input.

I like talking about these topics. Being the target/object of all the activities, I like the feeling of participation I get when we discuss them. Mrs. Lion indulges me sometimes, but clearly sees no need for conversation. I know my explicit rules. I also understand that I need to be respectful to Mrs. Lion. That’s not rocket science and doesn’t need analysis.

If I break a rule or otherwise commit an offense, Mrs. Lion will let me know I will be punished. Again, I don’t need any more information. I can ask what I did to earn the punishment. Mrs. Lion will tell me. I certainly shouldn’t ask when she plans to spank me. She’ll let me know when she is ready. I don’t need any further instruction. That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t like to have a longer conversation about it. But that is just my desire to talk about a favorite subject.

One thing I have asked Mrs. Lion to do is to treat spanking me as just another needed task. I don’t think it should be special or require any more of her time than it takes to administer it. The other day that’s exactly what she did. She didn’t care about earlier conversations about which paddle has what effect. According to her, she just selected one she thought would hurt me (they all do!) and then spanked me with the single objective of causing me pain and hopefully having me continue to feel that pain for a day or more later. That was it.

When she finished, she just told me that she was done and put her paddle away. That’s it. Not another word. She didn’t solicit feedback about how much it hurt. She didn’t offer to tell me much about the condition of my bottom beyond noting there were just a few blood spots. My skin tends to split a little during a spanking. There are no visible sores or scabs. A little blood appears. This bleeding doesn’t signal a bruise or other lasting mark. Mrs. Lion has learned to ignore it.

This rather impersonal approach to punishing me has an effect. It makes me realize that spanking is the inevitable result of an offense. There is no BDSM component. Mrs. Lion is not emotional about it. It’s her job to punish me and she does it. She isn’t interested in how I like it. She wants to hurt me enough to think twice about repeating the offense. My only input was when I managed to get into trouble. After that, it is clear that I have absolutely no input.

She knows when to lock me up

While we aren’t quite there yet, the same is true about wearing a male chastity device. Mrs. Lion is starting to let me know that she doesn’t need me to tell her if I am wild. In the past, she would forget to lock me up after play. Unless I reminded her that I was wild, I could stay unlocked for a day or more. Now, she remembers and tells me when to put the base ring on. A little later she locks me into my cage. No input from me is required.

I like this. I tend to overshare and try to participate in things that don’t require my input. Apparently lioness 4.0 has no need to hear from me. I suppose the next logical step is to punish me if I stick my nose in where it isn’t wanted. I get the feeling she is thinking along those lines. I’m not going to ask her. I’m not that stupid.

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  1. Yes, by asking her about it you can give her this idea more explicitly.

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