Surprising Orgasms Are Not Always the Ruined Ones

Last night, as we were falling asleep, Lion said something about having an orgasm. I reminded him it’s only been a few days. He said it didn’t matter. Huh? I’m sure he was being playful. I don’t really think he wants an orgasm so soon. Right? Right. Am I sure? I don’t know. He wanted to wait longer. But that was the last time. Is it different now? I don’t know. [Lion comments — Nothing’s changed. I was just being silly.]

Yes, this is the internal conversation in my head this morning. I’m never quite sure what Lion wants. Was 20 days too long? Was it too short? Did it work fine for last time, but this time should be different? I mean, I know he doesn’t always want to wait 20 days, but should it be shorter this time? Should I throw in a four day wait? Six? The one thing I’m positive about is that he wants me to decide. But if that’s true, then he would have been happy with the length of time I made him wait prior to his last wait. Clearly, if he was then he wouldn’t have voiced a preference for a longer wait. Clearly, I’m indecisive.

I don’t normally have a set wait length in mind. I try to base it on what Lion tells me. By this I don’t mean what he actually tells me. Even when I have him panting and humping air, he won’t even play along when I ask if he wants to come. Sometimes I think it would be fun to have him very frustrated, aching to come, and ask him if he wants to come only to tell him he can’t. But he never plays along. [Lion comments — I have played along. The trouble is that every time I do, Mrs. Lion gives me an orgasm if I say I want one. Of course, that’s nice, but I want her to decide. If I play along, then she has to play along too.]

He’s no fun sometimes. I usually wait until he’s at that stage and I push him a few days further before I give him an orgasm. That’s if I’m lucky. Sometimes pushing him those extra few days puts him right in the middle of his doldrums and I have to wait longer. It’s a balancing act between his wanting it and his not thinking he’s going to get it and his actually getting it. Bottom line: I like to surprise him.

Obviously, surprising him doesn’t always work. He said he thought I was going to do it the other night and he was right. Even I didn’t know I was going to do it. Apparently I surprised myself more than I did him. That’s okay. I like some surprises.