Spankardy Success

I think we need to think about a scoring change for Spankardy. Currently, Lion gets two swats for a wrong answer and one if he fails to answer at all. Additionally, he can wager swats for Daily Doubles and Final Jeopardy. He did answer a lot of questions right, but he only wound up with 50 swats. That’s hardly worth breaking out the paddle. Lion did suggest adding swats for an incorrect answer for Daily Doubles and Final Jeopardy. However, how do I keep the smarty pants from answering so many questions correctly?

It stands to reason it will even out over time. He’s bound to hit more categories he doesn’t like. I’m not sure how often we’ll play. We could either plan on a specific night per week or play it by ear like we’ve been doing. Of course, it’s all for fun. Lion likes to be spanked and this gives him an opportunity to get non-punishment swats.

I gave Lion the option of playing or not playing last night. Many times, he’s uninterested for a few days after an orgasm. I don’t want him to feel pressured. He was hard fairly quickly. And he stayed hard for quite a while after I started sucking him. I thought he might even start bucking a little bit, but I guess it was just his way of telling me it felt good. I think it was about ten minutes later when he told me he was done.

The fact that he was hard almost immediately is a step in the right direction. I can’t say it proves my cage theory. I can’t point to any specific reason for it. It just happened. Obviously I’m not going to let him roam wild just because I can’t say the cage did it. I’m sure it helps. Knowing you can’t get hard goes a long way toward making you want to get hard. I never wanted spicy food so much as after I was diagnosed with an ulcer many years ago and told to avoid spicy food. It stands to reason my weenie would want to get hard while locked away.

The question now is how long do I want to make him wait this time? Twenty days again? Ten? Thirty? The possibilities are endless.