Disciplinary Evolution

Evolution can almost go on unnoticed. This is as true in relationships as it is in nature. In nature, most evolution fails. The latest mutation isn’t viable. Eventually, one will be superior in some way. If it breeds true, the species moves forward. If the environment changes and no positive evolution occurs, extinction is the inevitable result.

The same is true when it comes to human behavior. In our case it is kink. Introducing something new like domestic discipline represents a behavioral mutation. In order for it to succeed, it has to coexist with the environment of the relationship. Initially, it was a sexually-motivated fantasy of mine. I love the idea of physical control. When we started I had never experienced it. The idea of being spanked for doing something wrong was very hot to me.

This was the genesis, the initial behavioral mutation that began domestic discipline for us. I proposed it to Mrs. Lion and she agreed to try it. At that stage, it was extremely fragile. She was uncomfortable punishing me and my vision was very unrealistic. Neither of us had a clue about punishment.

Mrs. Lion created a few simple, easy-to-break rules, and off we went. It was very artificial at first. It was more of a BDSM scene. If I showed the slightest unhappiness at being spanked, Mrs. Lion stopped. She defined her role in terms of making me happy. I wanted to be punished, so she accommodated me. I think you’ll agree that it couldn’t go on like this for very long.

In fact, it did. Mrs. Lion learned to be an eagle-eyed observer of my behavior. I agreeably got into position for spanking each time she caught me breaking a rule. Her spankings became more severe. All this happened slowly. It became a habit for both of us. Fortunately, this pattern worked for us. I can’t say it was fun, but it wasn’t something we wanted to avoid either. The rules were simple and each time I broke one Mrs. Lion spanked me.

As the spankings became more painful, I worked harder to avoid earning them. I can’t claim that was a conscious decision. It wasn’t. Evolution. Both of us wrote about our experiences here. I think that helped us evolve. I knew that these changes had taken place. I didn’t fully understand the extent until Monday night.

I had forgotten to remind Mrs. Lion that last Thursday was punishment day. When I pointed that out (Yes, I do confess when I realize I break a rule), Mrs. Lion said I earned punishment. Between lack of sleep and other mundane things, Mrs. Lion didn’t spank me until Monday night. She told me to get into position. I can’t tell you how little I wanted to be spanked. It was something I absolutely wanted to avoid. Nevertheless, I got into position.

rubber tawse

Without a word, Mrs. Lion began paddling me. She didn’t stop until I was screaming into the bed and some small blood spots had appeared on my bottom. She used one of the rubber paddles. They sting horribly. I can still feel it a day later. The revelation occurred to me much later. We had evolved again.

First of all, Mrs. Lion spanked me as a routine chore she had to do. It had no emotional content that I could detect. She didn’t seem interested in my reactions. She had her own idea of what she wanted to accomplish. She wanted it to hurt and keep on hurting. She definitely didn’t want me to like it. I didn’t.

Her approach is a fully sustainable model of her role as my disciplinary wife. She is a force like gravity. Break a rule and she will punish me. There is no possibility she won’t. That’s what I wanted. Now I have it. It’s no fun and it isn’t arousing. It also isn’t going to go away. That’s the thing about evolution; a successful mutation will thrive.

There is one area that hasn’t seemed to evolve, at least with lioness 3.0: punishment for annoying her. With all the progress we have made as a disciplinary couple, the transition to more subjective offenses and punishment has been very slow in coming. 3.0 did spank me a couple of times for interrupting or acting like a know-it-all. She hasn’t shown the consistent observation and punishment she’s applied to my simpler set of rules.

I know this is much more difficult for her. I suspect a change is coming. 4.0 showed herself the other night when we played. She made sure I kept feeling the burn from her menthol rub after it started to wear off. That is a brand new behavior. I sensed a difference on Monday night when she spanked me. She was emotionless when she punished me. I don’t remember that level of detachment before. I may be wrong. It could be something else, but I felt a difference. Even the beating felt a little different. I can’t explain it other than to say I hated it more than usual. It could be that lioness 4.0 is the next step in our evolution. If so, things might be more difficult for me when she arrives.

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