Far From The Edge And Punishment Spanking Due

Today, I’m writing this on Friday, which is 18 days since my last orgasm. For me, this is a long time. I’ve reached the stage when I am not particularly frantic to ejaculate. I won’t say that I’ve lost interest in sex. When Mrs. Lion unlocks me I will get hard almost immediately. It will feel great when she teases me, but I don’t feel a strong sense of anticipation for this. Along with that, she doesn’t seem able to bring me very close to the edge. She can get me panting and very excited, but I don’t feel in danger of ejaculating.

This isn’t surprising. It’s happened before. If Mrs. Lion keeps up her nightly stimulation, at some point I will suddenly, without warning, get right to the edge. In the past, this has often resulted in a ruined orgasm. I have no idea why this happens, but it appears to be a pattern. I will become frustrated and grumpy after a couple of days of this.

I can’t help it. The frustration I feel when Mrs. Lion teases me is one thing. I like that. It’s both exciting and disappointing in a cool way. The frustration I feel when I can’t get to the edge isn’t pleasant in any way. It’s just frustrating. It isn’t Mrs. Lion’s fault. She does a great job sucking. I do know that if she (and I) is willing to keep going even though I seem to lose interest, I will almost certainly get to the edge. It will take a while, but eventually it will happen. Mrs. Lion has done that in the past.

This isn’t a suggestion that she should work that hard. It isn’t fair to her. I’m just noting a pattern that makes no real sense to me. I have no idea if other men experience this. Granted, my situation is pretty unique. I just don’t understand what is happening to me.

I forgot punishment day

It had to happen eventually. I forgot to remind Mrs. Lion that Thursday was punishment day. It’s been well over a month since I’ve done that. There must be something to the theory that a man only learns for a limited time after he is spanked. Other bloggers have written that after a month or so the offense tends to be repeated. Apparently that’s true of me. In fact, Mrs. Lion forgot too. I realized earlier this morning and informed her. It would be cheating not to let her know. She said that I will be punished.

It’s been weeks since I’ve been spanked for punishment. We did play Spankardy and Spankball, so I got some swats. Of course, they were nothing like being punished. We had discussed playing Spankardy tonight. I guess we won’t since I will be getting a different kind of spanking. I’m not looking forward to it.

Mrs. Lion and I have been discussing the rather disappointing pictures she takes after spanking me. She says that my bottom is red, but all the picture shows are bruises. No red comes through. I’ve tried everything in Photoshop to find the red. It eludes me. The only other way to show you results is to make sure my bottom is a much deeper red. Sadly, for me, that means using the stingy, wood paddles that produce color. Since I don’t redden easily, Mrs. Lion will have to work harder and I will suffer longer. Poor Lion!