As Mrs. Lion has written, our sex life, well, our chastity life has be uneventful because now we both have no interest in sex. That’s a hell of a spot for enforced chastity bloggers! It is noteworthy that I am still safely caged and neither of us are inclined to change our activities. We’ve both resolved to try to fix not only my loss of interest, but hers as well. Mine is much easier and I am confident the combination of less itch and time will get my motor running in the next few days.

We’ve both been learning from these setbacks. Enforced chastity is a very long term commitment for us and we have to assume that life, health, and other issues will attempt to distract us. Earlier, the issues were financial and while severe, did not interrupt us at all. This latest issue is making me ask the question: If there is no interest in sex, can there be enforced chastity?

The instant answer is, Yes, of course. Why? Because you still wear a chastity device. Perhaps. But if the device isn’t preventing sexual arousal and orgasm, isn’t it just jewelry? A while ago I wrote about won’t and can’t. My point was that I won’t cheat and masturbate without Mrs. Lion’s permission. But when I wear a chastity device, I can’t do it even if I wanted to. The difference may seem subtle, but it is the loss of choice that is significant. Without a device I could choose to jerk off. With it, that choice no longer exists.

With the health problem that distracts me, I can’t get aroused with or without the device, encouragement from Mrs. Lion notwithstanding. I realize that by the time you read this I may be “cured”, but the issue remains; at least it does for me. In my mind, there is still a difference. My body may not be cooperative and that prevents me from taking advantage of being uncaged. But, if for some reason the condition goes away, then I can cheat. However, as long as I am locked up, my health can be good or terrible, but there is no way I can get myself off.

I like the loss of choice. Even though I choose to be obedient to Mrs. Lion, It is much more exciting for me to know that I am physically prevented from disobedience. I guess that is why I like bondage. There it is again: loss of choice. It turns me on when in a sexual situation I lose choice. I’ve wondered if non-sexual control is what I want. In some sense I do. I like that Mrs. Lion can make rules and take action if I break them. I like that she tells me what she wants and there are consequences for failing to obey.

The big question for me is how deep this loss of control goes. I don’t get an inner sense of contentment from obedience. But I get aroused knowing what will happen if I disobey. I truly hate the punishment, but get turned on knowing Mrs. Lion will punish me. I think that is a significant difference from others who are fulfilled in service to another. I wonder if I am unusual in this respect. I suspect that love of bondage is an indicator of my sort of attitude. I don’t know. What about  you? Do you share my view of obedience? Do you get joy from service?