Not the Good Kind of Frustrating

On Wednesday night when I unlocked Lion, he was hard immediately and stayed hard for the entire performance. I remember telling him I like when he’s so hard. On Thursday night, he got hard but then lost it over time. He said I got him close to the edge a few times. I believe he was only close once.

I won’t say he can’t have an orgasm when he’s less than hard. I won’t even say he can’t have fun. I know it feels good, to a point. I just think we’ve hit his plateau. For a week or two, he either won’t get to the edge or he’ll get there once and that will be it. Obviously, sucking him will still feel good, but I wonder if it isn’t annoying for him when I continue even when nothing will happen. I usually ask if he’s done. It’s not that I don’t want to continue. But I do worry it’s annoying. I mean, if I was done having orgasms and Lion kept licking, I think after a while it would be annoying to me. Nothing’s going to happen. Let it go. So I’m torn between wanting to keep going because it feels good even if it doesn’t feel good, and wanting to stop because I’m pissing him off.

No. I don’t think I’m pissing him off. I mean, it’s not me pissing him off. It’s the situation. I assume he’s frustrated because he can’t get to the point that he’s normally frustrated. These are the times I decide that if I can get him to the edge, I should keep going just to reset the plumbing. What I really need to do is stay the course. Eventually, we’ll loop back around to regular edging. I guess this is the problem when we decide to have longer wait times. I don’t know if it’s cyclical. If I make him wait long enough, does he hit another plateau at another X days? For example, he’s waited 17 days and encountered the plateau. Will he hit another plateau at day 34? Or maybe it’s a different length of time. Maybe it will happen after 12 more days. And then if he waits longer, it may happen at seven days.

It’s an interesting theory, but not one I want to test. My job is to get Lion through the plateau. Then I’ll start thinking about ending his “suffering”.