Bare Naked Lions

We didn’t do anything last night. I don’t know why. Actually, I do know why. I didn’t do anything. In addition to not playing with Lion or edging him, I completely forgot I owed him swats. He forgot to remind me about punishment day on Thursday. I didn’t remember either. I guess those brain pills we’ve been taking are doing a first class job!

It was just before nine when I asked Lion if he wanted to play. He said he thought he’d be getting punished. Oops. I told him I’d get him today and he said it was too late for play.


The same thing happened to dinner. Neither of us was really hungry. It was getting late so we had soup.


Maybe we can blame it on the fact that the smoke is clearing and it was raining again. Sometimes atmospheric changes can affect moods.

Yeah. That’s it.

This morning I had an odd thought. It’s not that I haven’t had this thought before, but Lion has been opposed to it. When I first started going to Lion’s house to play, he suggested he should always be naked for me. It seemed like a good idea at the time. He’d be naked when I got to his house. It saved time, I reasoned. I’d get naked too because our play eventually led to sex. After I moved in, he stayed naked because that was the rule. I stayed naked because that’s how it always was. Over the years, it’s made less and less sense.

Lion needs special permission to be dressed when a repairman comes. When we come home from the store, he needs to ask for permission to stay dressed so he can do X. The problem with always being naked is that if anyone ever comes to the door (a rarity, to be sure), he can’t answer it. The old house was in the woods so having no curtains on the windows wasn’t a problem. There was no one to see inside unless they were at the door. This house is wide open. As a result, the blinds are always closed. It’s usually dark in the house. I don’t like that.

We tend to stay in the bedroom for everything except cooking and using our computers. It’s more difficult to always be in the bedroom with clothes on. You can’t really get under the blankets wearing jeans. On the other hand, I’d like to not be in the bedroom all the time. We have a bigger television in the living room. We rarely use it. (Yes, I know the living room is a mess right now but there’s little reason to clean it if we never use it.) I’d like to use the whole house. Lion is more comfortable in the bedroom. Of course being in the bedroom means more chance for nookie and, now that I think about it, Lion thinks we don’t play when we’re in the camper because we spend so much time in the living room. I think my chances of using the living room are doomed.

Anyway, heading into the winter, I’d like to allow Lion to be clothed more often. I know he wants to adhere to the rule, but he’s the one who actually made it a rule. I just conceded it sounded like a good idea at the time. Maybe it doesn’t anymore. I’m not saying he should never be naked. Just not all the time.

[Lion comments — I don’t do well with “sometimes”. The naked rule works so well because there is no grey area. Even if I stayed dressed, I wouldn’t want the blinds open. I don’t want people peeking in.]