I Love My Cock Teased

You’ve heard that old story of putting a frog in water and then slowly heating it. The idea is that the frog won’t really notice the change until he’s actually cooking. I have no idea if there’s any truth to that. My guess is there isn’t. But, the sexual equivalent of that appears to have happened to me. Over the last year or so, various health issues interfered with our normal practice of enforced orgasm control. For one reason or another, I wasn’t able to wear a chastity device for a lot of the time. Other things sexual appeared to be going on as usual. On Sunday night I discovered I might be that frog in hot water; the hot water being sexual activity.

After all this time, we are in our seventh year now, I thought I was past being surprised by anything sexual, particularly if it’s about me. Since this time in 2018, my sexual responses slowly changed. It’s not that Mrs. Lion did anything differently. My sexual responses just felt different to me. Arousal went from my normal plateau all the way to ejaculation very rapidly. At the same time, my orgasm felt like it took much longer to complete. Neither of these things is particularly unpleasant, just different. More recently, I’ve had a difficult time getting past my sexual plateau. I would get excited and stay hard, but no matter how much stimulation I got my arousal never went any further. Eventually, usually after nine or 10 days, with a lot of handwork, Mrs. Lion could get me off. She said that once I started moving to the edge, I traveled so quickly she couldn’t really tell when to stop if  she wanted to tease me.

All this happened very slowly. The sexual hot water kept getting warmer and warmer until we both became very aware of the fact that my responses weren’t right. I had absolutely no idea what was happening or what I could do to fix it. We tried toys like the Autoblow. They didn’t make any real difference. Mrs. Lion decided to exclusively use her mouth instead of her hand. That was a lot more fun for me but didn’t change the way I responded.

Then, almost magically when I began wearing a chastity device again, things changed. No, there were no heavenly trumpets sounding and I didn’t immediately become a super orgasmic lion. However, the first time Mrs. Lion unlocked me, she was able to get me quite close to the edge. She didn’t push too hard because she was concerned that she wouldn’t be able to tell when to stop. Still, it felt really good.

It took a long time to get me that far. But she could get me there. The next night, she unlocked me and tried again. This time she got me much closer to the edge before she stopped. It still took a really long time to get there, but clearly I was well on my way. Then, on Sunday night she tried again. It still took a long time to get me excited enough to get near the edge. This time she pushed harder. The first time, she got me quite close but I was in no danger of a ruined orgasm. A minute or so later she tried again. This time she pushed me much harder. I felt like it was almost certain that I would ejaculate. I didn’t.

Then she started doing something she hasn’t done in a very long time: she began rapidly masturbating me, moving a couple of fingers up and down just below the head of my penis. She would do it a little while, then speed up, then when she could sense I was about to erupt, she would stop. Before I fully recovered, she moved her hand back up again and gently stroked up and down on the taut skin. This drives me crazy. I should say it used to drive me crazy. It still drives me crazy even after that long hiatus. She kept this up for a while. She stopped after bringing me to the edge many times. I was hungrily humping the air, hoping somehow to get over the edge. Of course, I didn’t.

She sat back, looked at me, and said, “Poor lion.” She then bent over and gently sucked my cock. She didn’t do it very long; just long enough to give me hope that I might actually get to come. I didn’t. She commented that she got a little “taste”. She had managed to stimulate me enough to create some precum. That hasn’t happened in a while either.

A minute or two later after my breathing settled down, I asked her if she wanted me to put the base ring on again. She said that she did. Back I went locked into the Evotion. Part of me would like to claim that returning to a chastity device somehow triggered my sexual performance. I suppose it’s possible. However, over the last year I’ve been caged before. Generally, I was locked up for a few weeks. Nothing changed in terms of my sexual responsiveness.

Is it just a coincidence that I’ve gone back to being my old horny self at the same time I’ve returned to the cage? I suppose we could experiment. Mrs. Lion could unlock me and see if my renaissance continues unabated. I don’t think either of us is feeling very experimental right now. I’m very grateful that I can enjoy the sort of arousal and frustration I haven’t experienced in so long. Mrs. Lion has wondered if my interest will diminish again even though I remain caged. That’s certainly possible too.

For the time being, I’m very happy to just let things continue as they are now. I wish it didn’t take so much handwork to get me to the edge. Mrs. Lion said she’s fine putting in the extra effort. I think we’re both happy that I’m having such a good time again. I’m in no rush for Mrs. Lion to give me my next orgasm. I’m having too much fun being teased.


  1. That being brought to the edge is so delicious!! Simply a reason to be!!! I love it.

    1. Author

      Me too! (obviously)

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