I’m A Very Lucky Lion

My eye surgery is scheduled for the beginning of next week. As you might imagine, I’m getting very tired of all this medical stuff. While I don’t want it to bother me more than necessary, I’m sure it has a negative effect on my interest in sex. I’m starting to wonder if there some sort of cascade effect that makes one thing go wrong each time another thing is fixed. Mrs. Lion insists that I go through with this new surgery; so I will.

She’s been taking very good care of me. Now that I am gaining strength, I can do pretty much everything for myself. On Tuesday night I showed her that I could shower without help. If I didn’t feel so guilty about making her do the extra work, I think I would want her to bathe me all the time. She has a special technique of washing my cock and balls that feels wonderful. We talked about this and she decided that on weekends she could join me in the shower and provide that extra-special washing.

It’s nice that we are focusing on sensual activities. A great deal of our attention has typically been focused on things that end up hurting me. That’s not terribly surprising given that I regularly need discipline. However, it’s fun getting lioness attention designed to give me pleasure.

Of course, the painful stuff is also for my benefit. I know I need it and in my own perverse way, I like it. Still, it feels great experiencing this other form of love. My recent health issues put us into a kind of vanilla sexual space. While it’s been great, I’ll enjoy returning to our kinkier activities. Oddly, even my sexual thoughts have been vanilla. I’ve dreamed of delightful blow jobs and wonderful, sensuous hand jobs. This is opposed to my more typical dreams of spanking and other PP activities.

It may be that my need to recover has forced me to simplify my approach to things is fundamental as sex. I don’t know. I do know that there is a possibility the drugs I am taking via eyedrops may have side effects reducing my interest in sex. I don’t think I’m experiencing low side effects. It’s more likely that I am struggling with returning to the real world and that’s taking energy away from the more complex sexual activities I so enjoy.

For whatever reason, April was a three-orgasm month. Generally, I’ve been getting five orgasms a month since mid-2018. I know that Mrs. Lion does not count or plan how many times I get to ejaculate. It’s very organic for her. Over the years, she seems to have settled on a 4 to 7 day wait between my orgasms. Apparently, that just feels right to her.

Due to the fact that I’ve been stuck sexually for the last month or so, I’ve only managed to come three times in it. When I would probably have come twice that many times. I’m content waiting however long my lioness feels is appropriate. I really hate when I get stuck at the sexual plateau that would normally precede the rising excitement that could culminate in orgasm. Of course, Mrs. Lion would never let it go that far. She just gets me to the edge and then stops.

I’ve wondered if maybe I need practice getting aroused. I know that sounds silly, but it could be that my difficulty being unable to get past the plateau stage could partly be caused by the fact that all this recovery distracts me from the necessary focus. Does that make any sense?

I know that I can have an erection without the help of boner pills. This morning I woke up with a nice hard penis. I had been having a nice blow job dream. I’ve had erections at other random times. That’s strong evidence that the impotence side effect of one of my drugs is not happening to me.

Another thought I had about getting stuck on the plateau is that perhaps we have to keep going until either I get to the edge or I lose interest entirely. This all could be a timing problem. For whatever reason, it may just be taking me a lot longer. It may be nothing more than a change in what is normal for me. In any case, I’m grateful that Mrs. Lion is willing to put in the time and energy needed.

This period in my life is a challenge to our marriage. I don’t think that either of us ever anticipated I would become so dependent. I’m grateful that we have such a strong relationship. Putting it another way, I’m glad that Mrs. Lion finds me sufficiently amusing to go to the extra trouble to take care of me.

Also, it turns out that there are services available to me locally that I can use to get around without Mrs. Lion having to miss work. The county operates vans that can pick up people with disabilities at their homes and take them where they need to go. I just found out that I’ve been qualified to use this service for at least a year. That means I can get to work when I can’t work from home, to the doctor, even to the store without needing Mrs. Lion to lose pay. In my wildest dreams I never thought I would ever need such a service. Now, I’m grateful it’s available to me.

At least for a while, I’m disabled and will need support to do things I independently handled before. I’m hoping that over time I won’t continue to need this help; or at least this much help. Other than my problems with ejaculation, none of the issues I’m facing affect our FLRD or enforced male chastity. We may have slowed down a bit. But I’m very sure that we will speed up again once I’ve managed to get the other physical problems into perspective.

I’m very grateful that Mrs. Lion loves me enough to put up with the extra work I make for her. I’m lucky that my job provides the ability to work from home as well as extended sick leave to allow me to recover. I’m also grateful that our community offers services that support my ability to lead a fairly normal life. All in all, I’m a very lucky lion.