I must be among the luckiest guys in the world; well, nearly luckiest. Almost every night Mrs. Lion sucks my cock. Almost every night she stops before I can finish. Still, it’s a lot of fun up to a point; up that point several times, every night. Eventually, she will keep going and let me finish. I never know when she will do that. That’s a very well-kept secret.

Oddly, she regularly writes that she wants to know when I would like sweet release. Then she says it doesn’t really matter. That’s not as crazy as it sounds. I figure she wants an order of magnitude, something in the order of “more” or “less”. She knows I don’t want her to obey any expressed preferences. She and she alone has the power.

With the exception of the daily sucking, this has been my sex life for seven years. Earlier this summer I realized that daily handjobs weren’t really doing it for me and at about the same time, Mrs. Lion found that all that hand action hurt her shoulder. It was more comfortable for her and a lot more exciting for me if she sucked my cock instead. Serendipity!

Based on her past experience with me, she expects that at some point I could start losing interest in being edged every day. Unthinkable! Maybe not. At some point, I might not get as aroused. If she persists, my interest will return stronger than ever. At least that’s what happened a couple of times before. The dry spell can last a week or more. Neither of us likes it when that happens.

I recently suggested that the 10 to 14-day wait between orgasms might be extended. Mrs. Lion was agreeable. Now, she seems bent on figuring out if I might crap out if she waits too long. That won’t stop her. It will just inform her so that she will be ready when it comes. Or rather when I don’t come.

This latest experiment started when I pointed out that since mid-July she has made me wait at least 13 days. This is in sharp contrast with my average 6.5-day wait over the last three years. The change was partly driven by some difficulty I had getting to the edge of the cliff before a week or so went by. I got extremely excited, but Mrs. Lion couldn’t get me all set to ejaculate before her mouth got tired. Since then, either her mouth strength has improved or I am more responsive.

Anyway, the obvious next thought was to wonder what would happen if she made me wait longer. In the past, I’ve had a couple of very long (for me) waits. The longest was 28 days. I don’t think that Mrs. Lion wants to go for a new record, but she is curious about how things will play out if she keeps me panting and unsatisfied every night. I guess we’ll both find out. Meanwhile, she is building up her mouth strength. After all, it’s good exercise.

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