Lion: Button Pusher

Monday night was one of the few times I spanked Lion for annoying me. The last time was an add-on to another punishment so I’m not even sure it counts. I’d say he’s been baiting me into punishing him, but that’s not quite the right word. Cajoling isn’t right either, but at times it’s felt like it. What he’s been doing is encouraging me.

Somehow it’s felt almost like a dare. “It’ll be good for you. You’ll see. Just do it. Do it. Come on. You can do it. Just do it. You’ll feel better if you do it. Do it. Come on. Do it.” I guess you can only take so much of that before you “just do it”.

On the surface, it wasn’t unlike any other punishment. A bunch of swats on his buns that made him red and then bleed a little. I used a heavy rubber paddle with holes drilled in it. One of the last swats made a few circle marks. I’m not sure if it made the surrounding skin red or if it was blood transfer from the paddle. I don’t know if it was as severe as the last spanking. I “just did it” until he looked red enough. He was surprised I didn’t use the new rubber cane. I forgot we had it and it seems difficult to control. I’ll have to practice on a pillow first to get the hang of it.

lions right butt cheek after spanking with rubber paddle
You can see the marks the holes in the p;addle left on Lion’s cheek. He’s nice and red with a blood spot or two.

The thing is, I didn’t feel better after the spanking. I know Lion felt worse, at least his butt did. I felt better after I growled at him for pissing me off earlier in the day. I think I was actually more annoyed by his persistence at getting me to spank him when he annoys me. That’s ironic, isn’t it? By the way, the conversation that started it all had to do with face masks with little flaps so you can drink through a straw more easily. Lion thought it was a stupid idea and proceeded to tell me why. I thought it was a better idea than having to take your mask off entirely just to get a quick drink. The bigger point is that, since he highjacked my conversation, I didn’t finish my thought. (No, I don’t want to finish it now.)

My issue now is whether it’s okay to whomp him because he annoys me by telling me it’ll make me feel better to whomp him when he annoys me. I have to say that feels wrong. As I said, I felt better when I growled at him for annoying me. That’s a fairly big step for me. Usually I just get quiet. Maybe that’s my go-to punishment for annoying me. I’m not saying I’ll never get to the point that I’ll spank him for doing it, but right now I’d like to stick to growling. Clearly, if he pushes my buttons enough times, I’ll hit my limit and then hit my Lion, but I don’t think that’s the answer for the time being.

[Lion — It’s true that I strongly encourage Mrs. Lion to punish me for annoying her. I understand that it feels wrong right now. As I recall, it felt wrong to spank me for eating first or getting food on my shirt. I think it is a matter of learning.

It is a big step to just growl or snarl when I annoy her. It shows she is recognizing my role in upsetting her. I’m not sure it is enough to get me to change. Mrs. Lion’s pattern has been to first build a habit of spotting infractions and then punishing them. It could be that the growls are part of that. I am requesting that she back those growls up with her paddle so that I can learn more quickly.]

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