I Am A Panting Puddle Begging For Release Just A Day Or Two After An Orgasm

Mrs. Lion has been far more aggressive in her edging efforts. Sunday was day 2 since my last orgasm. We had an oral edging session. Predictably, after a few minutes, I felt myself reaching a plateau. Mrs. Lion paused and asked me if I had reached the edge. I said I was aroused but hadn’t. In the past, she would have stopped and we would try again the next day. This time she went back to work.

To my surprise, it didn’t take long before I was getting really excited. She got me right to the edge of orgasm. She stopped to let me cool off a bit and did it again, and again. Finally, she stopped and left me a panting puddle in the center of the bed.

She repeated this again on Monday night. The pattern was exactly the same. After a few minutes, I would get aroused but not near the edge. She would ask me if she had edged me. I said no. She went back to work and off I went. She made me think I was going to ejaculate. “Nope, not this time,” she said.

This is the first time since July 7 that I could reach the edge before 10 days. Apparently I have changed, but not the way I thought. It isn’t that I can’t get to the edge or even ejaculate as soon as the day after an orgasm, it’s that my sexual response has changed in a way that fooled us both.

Before that mystical, July date, my path to orgasm was rather linear. I would get more and more excited until I got to that very steep part of the curve just before ejaculation. I did plateau for a while, but I didn’t start to lose interest. The newer pattern has me losing some interest while on the plateau. If Mrs. Lion persists, that passes and my arousal continues to increase until I am ready to ejaculate.

We both gave up when my arousal started dropping off. Some of the time, I even began losing my erection. Had we realized that this wasn’t a signal that I was done, she could have edged me at least a week earlier. My theory is that after a week or so I got horny enough to stop losing interest on my plateau. At that point, I reacted as expected.

Now that Mrs. Lion realizes how this new pattern works, I am in big trouble. She can edge me starting the day after an orgasm. She discovered on Monday night that she was really pushing me when I produced precum. I don’t recall her commenting on that “yummy precum” this early in my cycle.

There’s no question that she has me in heat and can keep me this way as long as she wants. In the past, that hasn’t been very long. She doesn’t seem able to resist making me ejaculate for more than a couple of days once she gets precum. Maybe her will power has improved and I will be a panting puddle for another week or two.

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