One thing that is true of every person (and lion) practicing male chastity and orgasm control is that it is a very individual experience. Some of the basics are the same: a male wants his frequency of ejaculation controlled, he wants his partner/keyholder to decide what kind and how much sex he gets to have. Beyond that, it is very different.

It takes time for these differences to emerge. Most couples treat male chastity as a sexy game. He isn’t expected to wear a chastity device all the time. Orgasm control is a form of play. A chastity device is locked on for an evening or a weekend. Maybe a couple will control his orgasms during a vacation. It’s an exciting game.

Some people decide to practice it for long periods of time, even for life. We fall into this group. With or without a device locked on my penis, Mrs. Lion produces every orgasm I get. This has been true since the end of 2013. There are no exceptions; none.

Part of the time I’ve been wild (no chastity device). That hasn’t changed anything. I am not permitted to jerk off and I don’t. Mrs. Lion’s sexual control is absolute, no hardware required. We aren’t unique. Many long-term couples practicing male orgasm control are the same.

In our case, Mrs. Lion generally teases me every day or two. She makes me ejaculate every week or two. There are no hard and fast rules determining how long I have to wait between orgasms. I ejaculate when Mrs. Lion decides I should. She doesn’t need a reason.

For the last year or so I’ve been wild. Surgeries and health issues made wearing a chastity device very difficult. Nothing changed, well almost nothing. I still got teased almost every day. I got to ejaculate on the same basic schedule we had when I wore a male chastity device.

Mrs. Lion liked the convenience of my free-range penis. I was in no danger of jerking off. Being wild saved her the trouble of locking and unlocking my cage. She could play with me without dealing with hardware. We discussed it. She knows that I get something out of being locked up. She agreed that she would lock me into my cage if I wanted.

At the same time, she noticed that it took quite a bit of penis massage to get me hard. This was true even if my last orgasm was over two weeks in the past. I remembered that when I was locked up, I started to get hard almost as soon as Mrs. Lion began removing my cage. We both wondered if the simple act of keeping me in a chastity device made me much more responsive.

Since I had asked to be locked up and since Mrs. Lion was curious about how my ability to get hard would change, she locked me up again. To our surprise, I started to get hard as soon as the cage came off. This was true just a day or two after I ejaculated. When I was wild, Mrs. Lion had a lot of trouble getting me hard so soon after I came.

It’s not the novelty of being locked up. I’ve spent the vast majority of the last seven years locked 24/7 in a male chastity device. I wonder if it is because the device won’t let me even begin to get hard. I can’t say that I am experiencing many in-cage attempts at erections. Maybe I am without knowing. Or, maybe my body “knows” it can’t express itself sexually until Mrs. Lion unlocks me. Perhaps I am making sure I get hard as soon as I can.

Having observed this, Mrs. Lion has decided that from now on I will be locked in a male chastity device. She is also being more diligent about returning me to my cage after teasing or ejaculation. I think that is important. Tomorrow, we are going on a trip with our camper. For the first time, the chastity device stays on for the trip.

As it stands, the only time I’m allowed to be wild is when Mrs. Lion needs my penis for sexual purposes or I will be getting a medical procedure that might expose it. She is indifferent about which cage I wear. I’m allowed to ask her to lock me in a different one. I’m not allowed to be wild. That makes sense to both of us. It turns out that wearing a chastity device is truly beneficial.

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