No Nostalgia

Yesterday, Lion had two doctor appointments first thing in the morning. When we got home we had to deal with a slow leak in one of the camper tires. Then my boss decided I needed to come into the office today since I was missing yesterday. It all made for a very busy day so I didn’t write a post. Today, I was in the office in the morning and then Lion had another appointment this afternoon. I’m just now getting to write a post.

The other day, Lion wrote a post about giving me orgasms. He misses them. He’s really the only one. I don’t even get nostalgic for the olden days when I’d have four of them in a row. I don’t think about them at all. He made a Box O’Fun for me, filled with different ways he can give me orgasms. He wants to make me feel good.

Ironically, I think it has the opposite effect. I mean, I know I can have an orgasm. The mechanics are there. I just don’t care if I do. But when he makes a big deal about my having one, it annoys me. As a matter of fact, I was already tired from trying to get ready for our camping trip, and I was positive he was going to suggest we dip into my Box O’Fun. I was going to tell him he had a choice between having his own fun or being punished for annoying me about my fun. I have no idea why the prospect of having an orgasm annoys me. Maybe it’s because he’s pushing me to do something that I don’t care about anymore. Maybe if I came upon it organically, I wouldn’t be annoyed. If I said, “Hey, you know, I haven’t had squash in ages. Let’s get some.” maybe I’d be less annoyed at eating squash rather than having to eat it because it’s good for me. (For the record, I do occasionally suggest we buy squash.)

I know Lion has his heart set on my having orgasms, so I’ll try to be excited for them every so often. Maybe I can even commit to it being more frequently than I suggest squash. Maybe.