I Accept 3 Fingers And A Butt Plug (Not All At Once)

We seem to have developed a new rhythm. Now, our play in sexual activities begins in the late afternoon. This is fine with me and apparently works for Mrs. Lion as well. Yesterday, as promised, we had anal activity. Since I can’t see what she’s doing. I have to depend on what she tells me when she’s finished in terms of letting you know what happened.

She told me that she began with fingers. She said she got up to three fingers in my ass. I think that’s pretty good considering the lack of anal activity over the last couple of months. She followed that with a butt plug. I only got a little peek at it, but it appears to be one of the larger ones. She didn’t attempt to insert it all the way. Instead, she moved it in and out, a little deeper every few strokes. It never got all the way in. Her fingers were not uncomfortable. I managed them without any real pain. The butt plug was okay up to a point. It started hurting when she inserted it more deeply. Fortunately for me, she decided to stop soon after it got painful. [Mrs. Lion — There was no butt plug. I brought one out, but decided to go with my fingers. Apparently three fingers, when used properly, can feel like a somewhat large butt plug.]

If she decides to make this a regular part of our activities, I’m sure it won’t be long before she’s getting four fingers up there. She’ll also be able to get that entire plug in without too much trouble. One of the things we learned about anal training, is that moving a butt plug in and out forces my anus to expand and contract. Apparently, this is much better than just inserting something thick and leaving it there. It worked last time Mrs. Lion started training me. To my surprise, I learned to accept a plug all the way in and all the way out over and over. This is considered a great start for fisting.

After she finished with the anal part of the program, she masturbated me. She got me to the edge couple of times and then stopped. She informed me that I had produced some precum. I’m glad I could please her. Today is the 10th day since my last orgasm. Mrs. Lion was a little surprised when I told her. I don’t believe this will encourage her to give me an orgasm today. She likes getting me to the edge. It’s been quite a while since she’s been able to do that. I’m sufficiently horny now. I’m starting to get hard writing about this.

She said that she also wrote that I would be getting a spanking. Last night she told me that I would be getting it today. It would be a “play” spanking. I’m not entirely clear on what makes a spanking recreational. She’s a very experienced spanker and she will have me yelping in no time. I’m not complaining. It really doesn’t matter how she chooses to label the act. We both know that I need fairly regular spankings. I’m not sure, but maybe she’s starting to need to give them too. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Once Mrs. Lion decides to adopt something, she is excellent at following through. I have no doubt that we will be playing at least 6 out of 7 days as she promised, and that I will be meeting with her paddle very regularly, whether or not I need to be punished. As for anal training, the jury is still out. She’s made it quite clear that she hasn’t decided whether or not she wants to do this on a regular basis. I guess I’ll find out soon enough.

It’s been over six weeks since I’ve worn anything below the waist for more than a couple of hours. That was only for a single session when we had to go pick up our camper that was being repaired. Other than that, I’ve had nothing on other than a T-shirt. I’m pretty sure this will continue for months. It is very unlikely my job will come back very soon. I’m lucky that my company is continuing to provide benefits during my furlough. I don’t work in an “essential” industry, so I’m likely to go back to work among the last people.

We’ve been home long enough to be sure that we don’t have COVID-19. It turns out that moving to the West Coast was good. Here in the Northwest, the population is much smaller than in New York, which was our home before we left. Hospital admissions are down significantly here in Seattle. It will take a while before it will be safe to gather, but each day the danger lessens.

I hope that you are staying well and having some safe, fun.


  1. sounds life is getting good for both of you.
    Keep on enjoying and communicating my butt is jealous
    stay healthy

    1. Author

      Life is very good for us. While there are times when we don’t do everything we like, we are always together and very happy to have one another.

  2. I’m glad you guys have avoided this virus so far! So have we. But three of the four of us work in essential jobs. Therefore they are out all the time coming in contact with others. I am the one who does the groceries, gas station runs etc. So I am out in public often too. We are all doing our best to maintain distancing between others but the risks are there. Still with the way countries are gearing up and producing ventilators and PPE’s, waiting to get sick is a good idea.

    1. Author

      Take care of yourself! We replaced all of our hand soaps with Provon antimicrobial soap (It’s the soaps that our hospital/medical Center uses). I’ve been working from home. Unfortunately, the work is drying up, the end of next week. Be really careful if you have to go out. One of our favorite supermarkets is using Instacart for deliveries. So we’ve managed to avoid shopping for food. We still have to go out to refill prescriptions. I hope you and your family continue doing well.

      1. Most of our supermarkets are washing their carts in between each user. They’ve made refilling prescriptions more difficult. I usually get my meds for three months at a time. Last time they only gave me a months worth. Now the law says that’s the most you can get at any one time. But I’m good for another 2 weeks or so!

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