Lion’s nipples were sore after I finally removed the cock ring / nipple clamps.

Neither of us has been sleeping well. Yesterday when I tried to play with Lion, he was receptive at first but then lost his erection. A few minutes later he was snoozing. I think we’re sleeping, but not sleeping well. We’re just so tired. I mowed the lawn yesterday, so I was physically tired. I’ve been trying to do things every day to keep myself moving, at least to the extent I ever did while working my desk job. I know our tiredness can be attributed to what’s going on in the world. It’s difficult to turn your mind off when you’re worried about everything.

However, true to my word, I’m trying to maintain early play. Yesterday, Lion wore the cock ring/nipple clamp setup for a few hours. In hindsight, it’s probably not something that should be worn that long, but you live and you learn. Today, assuming Lion can keep his eyes open and he feels like playing, I thought we might try a little anal play. I won’t call it training because I don’t know if I’ll be consistent enough for that, but I’m sure he’ll “like” some anal attention.

It looks like Lion likes it — a little. (Click here for purchase info)

Maybe we both need to take sleeping pills to knock ourselves out. Once we get a good night’s sleep, I’m sure we’ll be more in the mood for play. I don’t know how many days it’s been since his last orgasm, but I’m sure the refractory period should be over by now. I’d like to put an order in for a super-erection. You know, the one that’s so hard it seems like a light breeze could do the trick. Yeah, that one.

By the way, Lion has learned a new trick. Since we’ve been staying up a little later than normal, he’s been reminding me of punishment day just after midnight. I think that’s cheating, but it’s perfectly legal. Oh well. Whatever helps him remember.

I’ve already decided that Lion will get a nice play spanking tomorrow. He hasn’t earned a punishment spanking in a while and I don’t want his buns to think I’ve forgotten about them. I may be partial to my weenie, but his tushy is still one of my favorite parts of him. Look at me, planning ahead. Maybe I can be taught.