We finally got our electricity back. Internet is still out. Mrs. Lion and I are using our cell hotspots to access the Net. The most difficult thing about not having our regular Internet is that our smart house loses any vestige of intelligence. We control our lights using our Amazon Echos. Even the thermostat needs Internet connectivity. When things are working, all we do is ask Alexa to turn the lights on and off, turn on the TV, tune it to the channel we want, set the temperature, etc. It’s a regular Jetson life. We even have a robot vacuum named Rosie that we control with Alexa. No Internet, no Alexa, and things get complicated.

Both of us have been too tired for sex. I haven’t been particularly interested. Poor Mrs. Lion has a sore back from all the lifting and bending she had to do to set up and take down the power cords for our generator.

I am really looking forward to a shower and possible playtime. It doesn’t have to be anal. Mrs. Lion mentioned in her post yesterday that anal play requires her to stand behind me. I kneel on the side of the bed with my butt in the air facing the edge of the bed. I don’t see why I couldn’t move inland a bit. That way, Mrs. Lion could sit behind me. Or maybe I could lie flat, and she could sit next to me. Or, just put it off until she feels able to play in my backyard comfortably. I’m happy to wait.

I think we may need to return to anal play. It’s probably time to get back to BDSM. Apparently, my sex drive is connected to my bottoming. Maybe we could resume anal training. Mrs. Lion, at one point, set a goal of being able to peg me. I had to learn to accept the motion of a dildo moving in and out of my ass. That is very difficult for me.

We tried training me to accept pegging by inserting butt plugs and dildos of increasing size. We thought that my problem was being able to accept the diameter of a dildo. We reasoned that by giving me “practice” by inserting increasingly thicker toys, I would learn. That didn’t work. I accepted the larger toys, but when Mrs. Lion moved them in and out, it was too much. Then I learned we were using the wrong approach.

It turns out that the needed training isn’t just stretching. It’s accepting, removing, and accepting again. I read that the most useful training for pegging is slowly inserting and removing a butt plug over and over. The butt plug’s shape is an ever-increasing slope, getting wider and wider until it ends in a square shoulder topping a thinner stem. When inserted, the slope stretches the anus. Then, when the shoulder passes the opening, it suddenly closes. I find that an uncomfortable sensation.

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When the plug is removed, the anus must stretch wide to accommodate the shoulder and then shrink again as the plug gets narrower. It’s this forced change in diameter that prepares the anus for pegging. Larger plugs can be used as training progresses. We tried this for a short time. It was very uncomfortable at first, but I began to learn to handle the plug’s in-and-out motion over time.

I want to start this again. I think a goal of pegging makes a lot of sense. It provides anal stimulation, which is sexual, even though uncomfortable. It gives us a goal. And, if Mrs. Lion wants, she can even wear a strap-on and peg me that way.

Doing this represents work for her. She isn’t always up for it. Maybe training me on a regular schedule would help her form good habits too. She’s never been very good at consistent BDSM, and I’ve never wanted to face a regularly scheduled anal activity. It might be something positive for us both. We both tend toward the course of least resistance.

Anal play is more difficult for both of us. I don’t particularly like how it feels, and Mrs. Lion has to get up, fetch toys and lube, etc. Simple CBT is quicker and easier. I think we need to expand our play. I’m sure I will be sorry I said this, but I think some consistent rear entry is valuable for us.

There is some good news. Our computer system at work is back up and running. While they work to catch up on work that was in a holding pattern, only one person is allowed in. However, she has given me permission to go in as long as I only look. No touchy. I’m happy with that. I don’t need to touch anything to get my tasks done.

Lion has been in a holding pattern of his own. We haven’t played in a few days. He’s giving me space so I can work through my grief. I think I might be okay to resume normal activities. He’s not rushing me, but the longer I don’t do anything, the more likely I am to not want to do anything. Inertia is not a good thing for me. I need to get back on the Lion, so to speak.

Yesterday I said maybe I’d lock Lion into his chastity device. That would give him some hands-off control even if I wasn’t able to play. I didn’t do it and, as I’m thinking about it this morning, maybe it’s a good thing, He’s got fur that I was going to get rid of over the weekend but the weekend was canceled. Being locked up when he’s furry might cause problems. I don’t want him to be pinched or yanked. (That’s my job.) Since I’m working from home, maybe one day this week I can start the wax early and de-fur him after work. I know he’d appreciate that. [Lion comments — I’m not furry enough to catch my chastity device.]

As far as tonight goes, last week I was going to shove a butt plug in and I never did. Perhaps tonight I can shove it in while I take care of the dinner dishes. That way he’ll be thinking of me even though I’m not in the room. And then, when I do get in the room, things will be more interesting if he’s dealing with a butt plug. His normal clenching of muscles might have a different effect.

I know he’s waited a long time, but I don’t think he should have an orgasm yet. I’ll need to make him want one first. I don’t know how horny he is right now. I’ll find out later. His wait is 22 days so far. Should we go for a record? If I make him wait 32 days, he can have a new year’s eve orgasm. This year definitely needs to go out with a bang.

When I went to sign in to work this morning, I discovered our system was down. We’re dead in the water. Most of what we do relies on one program that lives in the cloud. Someone must have done something massive to have screwed it up for this long. No one is sure when it will be fixed which means tomorrow might be more of the same waiting around. I had a lot of work to catch up on, too. The only bright spot, other than getting paid for doing essentially nothing, is that I cleaned my desk off and got some continuing education credits taken care of.

True to my word, last night after I changed the bed, I gave Lion some attention. I didn’t do any anal stuff. We might do that tonight. I’ll have to start out small again because it’s been a long time since we’ve done anything. I gave up wanting to fist him a long time ago. I’m not consistent enough to get him stretched out. If I commit to anal training, I feel like we have to do it every day forever. That’s too much. I don’t want to do anything day after day. I think that’s one of the reasons I told Lion I might get bored.

While it’s true I have enough of a variety of toys to change things up, I get stuck on one or two things. I’m either tying his balls or putting clothespins on or slathering him with Icy Hot. He thinks I like CBT more than anything. That may be true, but I have trouble thinking of anything else to do. Spanking is largely off the table because it’s punishment now. Any anal stuff, as I said, makes me think we’re back in training and we’ll need to do it every day. The Box o’Fun gave us a mixture of things, but it was still pretty much CBT.

I suppose it makes sense that most of what we do would be CBT. After all, the genitals should be involved in sex play. Unless you have a foot fetish, I wouldn’t expect a big toe to be anywhere in the mix. I guess I’m just not really that creative right now. I’ll have to figure out how to get my head back in the game.