After a rough night on Monday, both Lion and I were tired. He was snoozing and I was trying not to snooze so I’d sleep last night. Since he was snoozing, I decided which of our Hello Fresh meals to make. Usually I ask him for his input, but I didn’t want to wake him. And…you snooze, you lose.

About 9 pm, Lion said he was horny. I asked if he really wanted to do something and he told me it was up to me. Ordinarily he’d tell me that 9 pm was too late to start things. He’d also tell me that his snoozing shouldn’t negate play for the evening. While it’s true that play and sex is mostly for him, I still have to participate. Why was 9 pm not too late last night? It’s probably because he snoozed earlier. I didn’t. I wasn’t falling asleep tired. I wasn’t really even exhausted tired. But it was past the point that I would have liked to play. And yes, you guessed it, in this case…you snooze, you lose.

Today, I’m in the office. I’m looking out the window at a wall of smoke about a block or two away. Every so often a waft of smoke smell comes in. Maybe it’s when someone opens a door. It’s not bad so far but I’m keeping an eye on it. It’s incredible how many fires are happening and some of them are in the western part of the state. That’s unusual.

At this point, I’m planning on playing with Lion tonight. I hope he’s still horny. I bet I can entice him with a rope or some clothespins. He usually likes when I tell him what I’m going to do to him. It adds to the fun. I even have some ginger in the fridge. I could carve a dildo/butt plug. We haven’t done that in a very long time. Ginger is warm without being too hot. I’m sure it can get a little uncomfortable, but it’s nothing like Icy Hot heat. I’d say Lion likes ginger but “like” may not be the word he would use to describe it.

So that’s it. I see ginger in Lion’s future. He won’t see it. It’ll be up his ass.

Lion made the suggestion to add more anal cards to the Box O’Fun. I guess he’s lost track of what’s left. There’s a pegging card and a figging card in there. I’d say that qualifies as anal. Of course, I can always add more anal cards. I can also just do anal things without his picking a card. I think I gave him the ability to request things rather than just picking from the box. If I didn’t, I do now. As long as we play, it doesn’t matter which way we arrive there.

Last night I made stir fry. We were both full. Lion chose the blindfold card from the Box O’Fun and I said I had a plan for him so he didn’t have to pick another card. He asked if we could delay playing because he was so full. That’s not a problem. I know I don’t like to play when I’m full and I’m not even the one having something done to me. By the time we decided to play, it seemed too late so we pushed it off until today. He’ll still get his blindfold and I’ll still do my plan from last night. It will all work out.

The Box O’Fun was resurrected recently as a way to make sure we play most nights. Having different activities on cards helps prevent doing certain things over and over. I generally go between tying his balls, clothespins, and Velcro. It can get boring. However, if he has a desire for something, I think he should be able to request it. Does he want a butt plug? We can do that. Would he like to be blindfolded and have me surprise him with something? He may wind up with Velcro or clothespins, but we can do that.

Choosing from the box keeps us moving. We can’t lapse into inertia if the box is brought out every night. That’s not to say he has to pick from it. If he opts out, I still get “credit” for the offering. If he opts out too often, I’ll need to know why. I can’t have him fall victim to inertia too. As long as he has a reason, we’re good.

As soon as I get done with work, we’re heading to the big city to run an errand. On the way back, we’re stopping by a bakery to grab a cake from one of the only decent bakeries around here. Then we’ll come home and spend our weekend together. Whether I add anal cards to the box or not, I see anal play in Lion’s future.

As promised, we played early yesterday. It wasn’t at 3. It was more like 4:30. Lion chose butt plug from the Box O’Fun. There are only four more cards left. I didn’t look to see what they are. I think one is menthol rub. Lion had no trouble taking the smaller nJoy plug. He normally doesn’t, even after not having any anal fun for a long time.

Once the plug was in, I didn’t really know what to do. Normally, I’d just leave it in there for a while and eventually we’d play, but we were specifically playing early. I asked if he’d like to lay across the bed and be sucked. He said, “Oh God yes.” He was, apparently, a very horny boy.

I had no trouble getting him hard. I still think being unable to have an erection is not a good reason to be punished, but I didn’t have to decide since he was hard in no time. It didn’t really take him long to get to the edge either. I don’t know if it was the butt plug or if he was just really, really horny. I wanted to edge him a few more times, but he was so horny I only made it twice before he was at the tipping point. He had a very nice orgasm. He said it had been a long time since he’d had one. I couldn’t tell you how long, but I’d estimate at least nine days. [Lion — it was 12 days.]

His wait time doesn’t often sway me. I go by how horny he is. I love to watch him tense up when he gets close. I love his little noises. Generally I use those to gauge when to stop. Sometimes he stays near the edge for longer than others. Yesterday was one of those times. I think I would have had to wait a full minute between tries and then risk him losing his erection before I was done with him. So I kept teasing him with my tongue. When I sucked him again, it was clear he was too close to the edge to stop again. Full steam ahead, bosun.

About ten minutes after his orgasm, I removed the butt plug. I guess it had been in about an hour. I think orgasms are a little more difficult with the plug in. I don’t always leave it in, but I’d just put it in before I started edging him. I wasn’t going to take it out that quickly.

While I was washing the dishes after dinner, I realized Lion hadn’t put the coffee pot together. Since he was already in trouble for eating before me at lunch (he didn’t even look at me — just ate), I debated whether I should let him get in trouble again or if I should be nice. I decided to be nice. I told him when I was done beating his butt and I went to shower, he should look in the kitchen to see if maybe there was something he forgot to do. He admitted he forgot. I don’t know how he felt about the reminder. He might have wanted me to punish him for that too. I know part of him was grateful. Another part of him probably wanted another spanking.

Silly old Lion.

Lion says it’s not necessary for him to want to play for us to play. This seems strange to me. It’s one thing to know we probably won’t get to the edge in the first few days after orgasm. I can see that playing with him then sort of primes the pump, so to speak. But if he has no interest in playing, why would I do it? I mean, why waste our time? Will he enjoy himself at all if he doesn’t want to play?

Think about it this way. If there’s a party you’ve been looking forward to and you really want to go, chances are you’ll have a good time. This is similar to being horny and wanting to play. Obviously, your play may not end with an orgasm but you can still have fun. If it’s a party that you’ve sort of been looking forward to and you really want to go, you may or may not have a good time. This is similar to being horny but maybe not ready for edging. If it’s a party you know you need to go to but you’re really not looking forward to it, you probably won’t have a good time. This is similar to not being horny and not wanting to play. Maybe you have to go to the party. Maybe it’s the in-laws’ anniversary party and you really don’t like your in-laws. But Lion doesn’t have to go to the party. Why should I make him?

[Lion — It’s not the same thing. The thing about BDSM play is that it doesn’t need to be something you do when the bottom is horny. It’s just something to do. I think of it as no different than the punishment spanking. When I do something wrong, Mrs. Lion doesn’t care if I’m in the mood for spanking or not. I’ve earned it, so I get it. This is kind of the same thing. It’s not like having sex or even being jerked off. In fact, where I come from in the East, at play parties sex is never permitted. It’s true that it’s a lot more fun if I’m really turned on, chances are pretty good I will get really turned on well things are in progress. It’s the old “initiating” issue.]

Anyway, I decided to do it even if Lion didn’t want to. He was snoozing around 2. The other day I mentioned setting an alarm for 3 to play then. So I tried to stick to it, but then Lion woke up and went into his office. I guess it was about 3:45, he went back into the bedroom and said he was watching “House” if I wanted to join him. I snuggled in under the covers with him and started playing with my weenie. He liked it although he wasn’t getting hard. And then…I fell asleep. We haven’t been sleeping all that well. Lion was snoozing earlier. I guess I followed suit. I was awake for a little bit, still snuggling. And I fell asleep again. Out cold. So much for playing earlier in the day. It was already time to make dinner so I went off to do so. By the time I got done with the dishes, it was after 8. Lion said he thought we were going to play earlier in the day. Yup. So did I before my unscheduled naps.

In my defense, I had a plan for our early play. I was going to shove a butt plug in and do some Lion milking. There was no reason we couldn’t do that after 8 so I went on with the plan. However, there was a reason we couldn’t do it. I forgot Lion’s shoulder has been hurting. So the milking was a bust, but I then decided to take out the coconut oil and try our luck with that.

My weenie loves coconut oil. He was hard almost the instant it touched him. I still don’t know why coconut oil is preferable to other lubes, but who cares. It’s slippery and makes the same sloppy slurping sounds as other lube. And Lion was hard. I’m not sure how long we were at it, but eventually he said he wasn’t going to get anywhere. I wiped him off and he went to clean up. I forgot he had the butt plug in. That may be part of the reason he didn’t get anywhere. Since he was washing off, I removed the butt plug so he could get himself clean there too.

Even though it was an unsuccessful edging session, I don’t consider it completely unsuccessful. Lion had fun. I had fun massaging him with coconut oil. I don’t think it would have been as much fun if he hadn’t wanted to play. [Lion — Only one way to find out :)]