Almost a Play Spanking Day

Yesterday I promised I’d give Lion a play spanking today. He wondered what the difference was between a play spanking and a punishment spanking. We’ve had this discussion before.

Initially, we thought that we couldn’t do play spankings anymore. If spanking was my go-to punishment, then did play spankings make any sense? Wouldn’t Lion just see every spanking as punishment? What we decided is there are two main differences between play and punishment spankings: the intent and how it starts.

Obviously, Lion knows when he’s done something wrong. Either he self-reports or I catch him. When it’s time for punishment I tell him I need his butt, usually with a paddle in my hand. He may whine a bit but he gets into position. Many times I ask him to tell me why he’s being punished. Other times I tell him. It’s sort of a business transaction. A play spanking usually starts out with me snuggling with him and then I may also say I need his butt or I just ask him to roll over. I may have already gathered some paddles, but it’s mostly conveyed (I hope) as fun. [Lion — It is.]

When I swat Lion because he did something (like forgetting to set up the coffee pot again, you silly, silly boy), I just swing away. I do get progressively harsher as we go on, but there should be no mistake that he’s in trouble and this isn’t just for fun. I mean business. Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time. A play spanking is much more, well, playful. I run my hands across his cheeks. I may kiss him or give him little nibbles. I start swatting with my hands. I know I can hit fairly hard with my bare hands but, in the beginning, I start with nothing more than those first few barely-felt swats from over a decade ago. I let his buns get accustomed to being hit. I work up to the more painful stuff. By the end, I may be hitting as hard as a punishment, but he’s had time to adjust to it. If he’s lucky, it might even start to feel good.

Unfortunately, Lion won’t get his play spanking today because he forgot to set up the coffee pot again. I know he was tired and slept through his normal coffee break time, but he was puttering around the kitchen looking for lunch, and he was in the kitchen to get a drink before bed. Both times he could have noticed the coffee pot in the dish drainer. He had ample time and opportunity to do it. I’m willing to be reasonable when necessary, but that’s not the case this time. He’ll be getting a punishment spanking today. His play spanking will have to wait for another day.