An Anal Invader

Njoy butt plug

We didn’t play yesterday afternoon. I’m going to try my hardest to make sure we do today. Lion was a little perturbed that after all we’ve been writing about, I still didn’t do anything with him early in the day. I have two things to say about that: Shit happens! and we play when I say we play. [Lion — Yes Ma’am.]

While I made dinner, I was trying to figure out what to do with Lion. I decided he could sit with a butt plug up his ass while I took a shower. That would take care of some play. After I finished the dinner dishes I turned on the dishwasher. Oops. I try not to run it when anyone is showering. Lion swears that doing things with water has no effect on showers. If anyone has ever been boiled when someone flushes a toilet, you know why I don’t take a chance.

It was no big deal anyway. It just meant Lion would get his attention earlier. He’d asked if I was just going to leave the butt plug in or move it. I’ve been taking anything he says as a critique lately. I was just going to leave it but it was possible to move it. He said he was just curious.

I don’t know how Lion feels, but it seems like handjobs aren’t working as well as they used to. Even with play, he takes a while to get anywhere. It’s not necessarily right after an orgasm, but his refractory period does seem to slow things down. It makes perfect sense. I’m not saying he’s broken. I got him close to the edge the other day with my hand. And then I decided that he doesn’t necessarily have to get to the edge each time for things to work. Getting him excited, even short of the edge adds to his frustration. It feels good and makes him want more. I’ve only done that to him a few times on purpose, but that’s when I knew he was already horny and frustrated. I got him all revved up and waiting for more and then just stopped. That may be worse than edging him.

I just decided that Lion would react better to some oral activity. I didn’t touch the butt plug; it was still up his ass. I had him lay across the bed and I went to work. I know the butt plug makes an orgasm a bit uncomfortable. Muscles clamping down divert attention from the main attraction. I wasn’t planning on giving him an orgasm, but I knew he’d be acutely aware of the butt plug while I sucked him. Sure, I may be doing something he loves and, in his mind, maybe I’d go all the way even though it hasn’t been long since his last orgasm, but I guy can hope and, oh, by the way, there’s a butt plug up his ass. [Lion — It was 5 days.]

So I sucked and I licked and I tickled his balls. I’m not sure I ever actually got him to the edge or even close, but I decided to stop. He groaned a little bit. Was that the groan of “oh man, I was almost there” or “dammit, I wasn’t even close and I need more”? I don’t know. In either case, I left him wanting more. And more he shall get.


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