Satisfied and Spanked

Njoy butt plug
The NJoy butt plug.

As promised, we played early yesterday. It wasn’t at 3. It was more like 4:30. Lion chose butt plug from the Box O’Fun. There are only four more cards left. I didn’t look to see what they are. I think one is menthol rub. Lion had no trouble taking the smaller nJoy plug. He normally doesn’t, even after not having any anal fun for a long time.

Once the plug was in, I didn’t really know what to do. Normally, I’d just leave it in there for a while and eventually we’d play, but we were specifically playing early. I asked if he’d like to lay across the bed and be sucked. He said, “Oh God yes.” He was, apparently, a very horny boy.

I had no trouble getting him hard. I still think being unable to have an erection is not a good reason to be punished, but I didn’t have to decide since he was hard in no time. It didn’t really take him long to get to the edge either. I don’t know if it was the butt plug or if he was just really, really horny. I wanted to edge him a few more times, but he was so horny I only made it twice before he was at the tipping point. He had a very nice orgasm. He said it had been a long time since he’d had one. I couldn’t tell you how long, but I’d estimate at least nine days. [Lion — it was 12 days.]

His wait time doesn’t often sway me. I go by how horny he is. I love to watch him tense up when he gets close. I love his little noises. Generally I use those to gauge when to stop. Sometimes he stays near the edge for longer than others. Yesterday was one of those times. I think I would have had to wait a full minute between tries and then risk him losing his erection before I was done with him. So I kept teasing him with my tongue. When I sucked him again, it was clear he was too close to the edge to stop again. Full steam ahead, bosun.

About ten minutes after his orgasm, I removed the butt plug. I guess it had been in about an hour. I think orgasms are a little more difficult with the plug in. I don’t always leave it in, but I’d just put it in before I started edging him. I wasn’t going to take it out that quickly.

While I was washing the dishes after dinner, I realized Lion hadn’t put the coffee pot together. Since he was already in trouble for eating before me at lunch (he didn’t even look at me — just ate), I debated whether I should let him get in trouble again or if I should be nice. I decided to be nice. I told him when I was done beating his butt and I went to shower, he should look in the kitchen to see if maybe there was something he forgot to do. He admitted he forgot. I don’t know how he felt about the reminder. He might have wanted me to punish him for that too. I know part of him was grateful. Another part of him probably wanted another spanking.

Silly old Lion.