My Sexual Cycle

I don’t know if other guys are like me in this way, but I have definite sexual cycles. I suppose I’ve had them all my life but only since I’ve been under orgasm control has it been so obvious. Also, the older I get the longer each cycle seems to last. When I am at my sexual peak, I am horny pretty much all the time. Mrs. Lion can successfully get me off every couple of days if she wants. By the way, she very rarely wants to do that.

While I am waiting for my next orgasm, I am easily aroused and anxious for the chance to ejaculate. After a while, how long varies widely, my interest starts dropping off. I still get horny and I still want to ejaculate every couple of days. The urgency tapers off. Then, I go through a period where it’s very difficult for me to get aroused and get off.

Because she isn’t interested in sex for herself, it’s very easy to observe my sexual cycle. If she was interested, I would be providing her with satisfaction regardless of my interest. This could easily mask those low-interest times. In the past when I’ve mentioned this cycle some people have suggested it was a hormonal issue. They said that I may need extra testosterone. I did get checked and my testosterone level is normal.

This last low was one of the worst I can remember. Mrs. Lion valiantly tried to arouse me and get me to the edge. At one point it took me over two weeks just to be able to get aroused enough to threaten to ejaculate. The next time was the same. The low lasted more than two months. Then, I started getting horny again.

Mrs. Lion made me come after just four days. To her surprise two days later, she had no trouble edging me and watching me hump the air. I really wanted to get off! I’m in the middle of that horny high now. I love it! This is probably the time that I need to be carefully supervised when unlocked. There’s no danger I will get myself off, but my hands seem to wander between my legs for a little unauthorized stimulation.

I’ve been trying to figure out if there are any external causes for this wide variation in my sexual interest. There’s nothing going on externally to account for it. I crave Mrs. Lion’s touch.

Guys don’t normally talk about things like this. We don’t even tell our doctors. That means what I think of as my cycle may be something a lot of guys share. I’m taking this opportunity to talk about this issue. It’s not very comfortable admitting that my interest in sex ebbs and flows. Guys are supposed to be horny all the time.

There isn’t a lot of real information about male sexuality. I’ve been checking. Yes, penis size and ejaculation volume are well understood. So is the amount of time it takes to go from erection to ejaculation. I can’t find anything of value about male sexual interest. I suppose it’s reasonable that men aren’t always interested in sex. Every woman I’ve ever known seems to think we are.

When we aren’t interested in sex, what I hear is that it’s because we don’t have the right stimulation. Some women put it on themselves that they’re no longer appealing. They worry that their men are losing interest. Guys seem to adopt the same attitude. They believe that they need something new to recharge their sexual batteries.

Sometimes I’m sure that is true. But I wonder if a very natural, but unstudied sexual cycle is more responsible than the need to find a new pussy. It’s too easy to externalize this issue. I would like to believe it’s because I need new and different stimulation. Maybe I need a sex machine? Perhaps I’m not being spanked enough.

I don’t need a sex machine. None of the ones I’ve tried to work for me. It’s true that more spankings and other BDSM activities are helpful. But when I’m in a slump they don’t help much. When I’m in my horny phase they definitely make things worse. Mrs. Lion is convinced that a certain amount of spanking, whether punishment or play, is required to keep my fires stoked. That may be true but I also know it isn’t enough when the lion arousal cycle is ebbing.

You’d think that the simple fact that I understand I have the cycles would be enough to help me through them. Sadly, it doesn’t work that way for me. During my last low I was convinced that my mojo was gone forever. According to Mrs. Lion, I always feel this way when things go down.

Now that I’m in a horny phase, I can talk about this and acknowledge that it’s a cycle and not a permanent change. I’m very happy that I’m back to “normal”. I wanted to share this with you. I doubt that I’m the only guy who experiences this.


  1. glad you are back to normal it will stop the worrying that you both were thinking.

    1. Author

      Thanks. I’m relieved.

  2. I’m pretty much horny all the time. Or only a suggestion/touch/command away from it. I love the feeling. Still I know a few guys who seem more like you. Both my sister’s husbands seem to go through cycles where they aren’t really interested in sex. I know this because I end up counselling them and they get really frustrated. Ultimately I think part of your reasons for cycling like this may very well be a factor of your overall health.

    1. My comment is a bit vague. I counsel my sisters not their husbands. Their husbands would likely be most unhappy if they knew what I knew about them.

    2. Author

      Since I have a long history with male chastity record-keeping, I can say fairly authoritatively that my health isn’t necessarily related to this at all. The only question that keeps coming up for me is whether or not it’s normal?

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